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Air Vanuatu Reviews

Vanuatu is a Pacific island state which is a perfect tourist destination. Their flag carrier “Air Vanuatu” was actually founded in 1981 shortly after their independence from UK and France. Initially, the beginning of the airline was 40% assisted by Ansett Airlines but when it was re-established in 1987, Air Vanuatu became a fully government-owned airline. The airline carries their company slogan “The friendliest smiles in the Pacific await you!”. Indeed, the Paradise of the South Pacific Ocean nation is even just a short distance from Sydney and Brisbane.
Air Vanuatu Reviews-aircraftNow, Air Vanuatu has 7 aircraft and operates at Bauerfield International Airport and follows the frequent flyer program, Qantas Frequent Flyer since the airline follows codeshare agreements with Air New Zealand, Fiji Airways and Qantas. There were only two incidents recorded in the history of the national airline of Vanuatu where all passengers in both cases were killed: the first incident (1998) was due to pilot error and the other (2008) was shrouded in thick fog at that time of the crash.

Air Vanuatu Reviews-routemapAir Vanuatu is being led by their CEO, Joseph Laloyer. But talking about world recognition, they were once nominated in 2007 by World Travel Awards as “Australasia’s Leading Airline Website”. In reference to more detailed information of Air Vanuatu’s destination, please refer to the route map image.

Flying with Air Vanuatu
​​Travellers have the option of services, either Economy or Business Class. The moment passengers set foot on board they are greeted with the friendly smiles of the cabin crew, not to mention their warm full services inflight. Air Vanuatu keeps their customers satisfied with their inflight entertainment downloadable on their smartphones. How? The airline has Free Wi Fi onboard dedicated to their Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Inflight magazines are offered as well.
crewAir Vanuatu Reviews-cabin
Meals are offered on board as they say “Keep your wallet in your pocket! Air Vanuatu International offers economy class passengers either a meal or snack service plus a complimentary bar service offering: wine, sparkling and beer.” Special meals by request must be done during booking and the meal option service is actually available when travellers book online. Please be notified that requests must be at least 72 hours prior to departure.

The Website
​​As mentioned earlier, their site had once been recognized as one of the best in Australasia. We can see why. We can say that Vanuatu is just a small island full of attraction, but at least they have the decency to be generous with their official website. In a nutshell, the page is user friendly, pleasing in the eyes and understandable. Like other airline sites, travellers can search, plan and book flight and hotel reservations.
Air Vanuatu Reviews-page
Air Vanuatu Reviews of Passengers
However, Air Vanuatu reviews are not showing the same fondness to the world renowned Vanuatu. As per 36 Air Vanuatu reviews, passengers are saying the airlines’ crew lack friendliness despite the nation of origin being known to have friendly people. The total Air Vanuatu reviews had scored 6/10, but if based on the content of the complaints, it will be 2/10. Well, to be exact the complaints are rooted mostly from the cabin crew and booking services.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                         www.vanuatu.com
  • Contact Number:                   +678 23 848
  • Contact Email:                      sales@airvanuatu.com.vu
  • Fax Number:                         +678 23 250
  • Head Office Address:            PO Box 148, Du Vanuatu House, Rue de Paris,
                                                 Port Vita, Vanuatu

In A Nutshell
Even if Air Vanuatu reviews’ ratings are showing complaints, I will still recommend Air Vanuatu as the best airline for your Vanuatu destination trip. It’s not like you don’t have a choice, I bet you’ll love the warm personality of the Melanesian. And besides, Vanuatu is one destination you shouldn’t be missing on your list of “To visit”.

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