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Airlines represent not only their company but their country as well. They call them flag carriers, kinda like bannermen during ancient times. To serve and represent your country is an honour.

New Zealand’s flag carrier is Air New Zealand, let’s see if they deserve that title.

History and Today

On April 26th, 1940, the airline was founded as Tasman Empire Airways Limited (TEAL). Short Empire flying-boats are the first airliners TEAL ever operated, then they started flying turboprops and propellers. These days, Air New Zealand pilots the gigantic Boeing and Airbus to transport thousands of people through the air.

Currently, Christopher Luxon serves as the CEO and has been since January, 2013, he was the former Group General Manager International Airline from May, 2011. Luxon was born in 1970 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Christopher Luxon, CEO of Air New Zealand
Christopher Luxon, CEO of Air New Zealand

What people are saying

Airlinequality.com, Productreview.com and Airlineratings.com all created a review page on their website for Air New Zealand. On Airlinequality, Air New Zealand got 6 stars out of 10, 3.5 stars out of 5 on Productreview and 8 star out of 10 on Airlineratings.

So it seems that Air New Zealand is doing more than fine these days, previous passengers were thankful for the dedication of flight attendants to their job. There’s this one guy who recently flew economy, he slept through one full meal and when he asked for snacks, the attendants escorted him to the galley and let him choose whatever food he wanted.

Their price rates are also reasonable according to customers. Of course negative reviews can’t be avoided. One gentleman was going on and on about his seat filled with crumbs and how the airline wasted his time by showing their promotional video of them being a multi-award winning airline.

Most of the reviews were positive and favor the airline, good food, great inflight service and value for money.

The Website


Finding a booking, booking in and checking in can all be done online. Customers will receive the itinerary confirmation via email. Itineraries can be managed through the website, you can check flight status and arrange for hotel and car reservations, etc.

Air New Zealand promotes discounted prices on their home page, the prices are fixed and won’t increase (or decrease) from when you click on it right up until the final checkout page.

THE Air NZ- Mobile Application

With their travel app, customers with smartphones can:

  • See domestic and international flights
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing flights
  • Receive notifications about updates, announcements and flight activities
  • Book and alter flights
  • Share flight details and add to calendar

Customer Service

Air New Zealand’s customer service is open 24/7 for bookings and questions. The company has different phone numbers according to which service people need assistance with. The website includes Q&A pages for general information. They also provide email service by allowing customers to send their feedback online.

On-Board Experience

Air New Zealand has four classes, Business premier, Business class, Premium economy and Economy class.

Business premiere

Passengers can achieve full comfort while resting on a fully lie-flat seat with a foam mattress, duvet and two pillows. Chef Peter Gordon and Air New Zealand worked hand in hand to provide world-renowned menus with award winning New Zealand wines. For entertainment activities, a 11” HD capacitive touch screen, which contains the latest movies, tv shows and games.

World-renowned Chef Peter Gordon
World-renowned Chef Peter Gordon

Business class

Passengers can find the comfort they want on reclining seats with armchair, winged headrest, leg support and ample seat pitch.The authenticity of New Zealand’s cuisine is served with the help of amazing chefs worldwide to satisfy passengers consumption needs.

Premium Economy

Passengers travelling on B747 and B777 airliners can enjoy a spacious seat with extra legroom, on demand music, radio, movies, tv shows, games and tasty meals, snacks and beverages.

Air New Zealand upgraded their premium economy class in the B777-300 airliner with their large video screen and a spaceseat that can recline freely without worrying about your travel companions getting hit.

The Spaceseat
The Spaceseat


Ergonomic seats with adjustable winged headrest and good leg support awaits passengers. Complimentary teas, coffee and water are served to provide a relaxing atmosphere to passengers. Each passenger can choose from 14 domestic New Zealand meals. A wide range of entertainment offers the latest blockbuster movies, tv series, sport shows and music on a 9” screen.


Air New Zealand has a wide regulation for baggage allowance and baggage related matters. Specific requirements are provided by each flight class and airliner. To read everything about Air New Zealand’s baggage policy, click here.


Air New Zealand’s largest hub is the Auckland Airport located in Mangere, Auckland, New Zealand.Their fleet size is 105 in total made up of jet aircrafts and turbo-props. The company owns seven Boeing B777-300ER, eight Boeing B777-200ER, 13 shorthaul Airbus A320, 13 domestic Airbus A320 and more. Air New Zealand is a member of the prestigious Star Alliance. Air New Zealand reigned as the airline of the year by Airlineratings.com. Their premium class also got the best premium class award, best premium economy class airline seat and  best premium economy class onboard catering by SkyTrax 2015.

Contact information

  • Website URL:http://www.airnewzealand.co.nz/home
  • Contact number:+64 (0)9 357 3000 (Booking and Enquiries)

                                     –(65) 65974500 (Baggage)

                                     -800-8523381 (Sales)

In a Nutshell

Air New Zealand was replaced by Virgin Australia in the 2015 SkyTrax top 100 airlines in the world. Things are good for Air New Zealand, but it seems that they are in need of some improvements. Still, their service is expanding time by time, a possible growth is very visible for the future of New Zealand.