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Air China Review

Air China Review

Hard work is not enough to claim the top position. Qatar Airways, the current number 1 airline in the world, according to SkyTrax, had a long struggle in order to make it to the top, dethroning Cathay Pacific.

Let’s see if Air China can avenge her parent company and get to know what if feels like to be on top.

Origins and Ownership

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) was divided into six airlines in 1987. Therefore lead to the establishment of Air China Limited along with five others. Air China commenced its operation on July 1st, 1988 focusing on intercontinental flights.

The senior management is led by President Cai Jianjiang since January, 2014. Cai with 15 years of experience in the aviation industry is the perfect man for the job.

Cai Jianjiang, Air China's President
Cai Jianjiang, Air China’s President

What people are saying

On Airlineratings.com, Air China only got a 4 out of 10 star rating and 5 out of 10 star on Airlinequality.com. Most of the reviews describes the service to be “decent”, there are hardly any 10 star rating on both Airlineratings.com and Airlinequality.com. Some passengers hated the rude attendants while others said that the attendants were very polite and professional.

The seat comfort seems to stand out for the passengers. According to some reviews, Air China seems to have a hard time following their own daily flight schedule, there were several late and early flights causing alterations to passengers travel plans.

Despite several complaints, Air China is well-known for its value of money offering affordable flights.

The Website and Mobile App

Their website is user-friendly, passengers can check in online and manage their bookings. Flight status and schedule of all flights can be monitored on the website.  Air China has a promotion page for special offers with discounted prices and travel products such as excess baggage allowance and extra services during flights.

air chinas website
Air China’s main interface

One thing for sure is that Air China hasn’t fully developed their website, certain features are still missing and some of their information can only be accessed by downloading pdf files.

With their mobile app, customers can easily manage their travelling matters through their smartphone, but, using a laptop or computer is probably better for faster connection and processing.

Customer Service

Air China only offers 24/7 customer service in China, each country has their own customer support office hours per day. For more information about their customer support line and schedule, click here. They provide customer feedback via email and a FAQs page is available for quick access to general information.


Air China has 4 classes with different features.

First class

Compared to other airlines, Air China’s first class is not that fancy nor innovative but provides great comfort with fully reclining seats. Air China aims to treat their first class passengers as royalty, first class seats are individually spaced. Each seat is 190cm long and 70cm wide that can be adjusted freely.

air china first class

Business class

The seats in the business class are also 190cm long but are only 54cm wide, they can also recline up to 170 degrees. Air China wants to promote comfort and style with their classes, mainly with the business class.

Premium economy class

Passengers riding the Boeing 777-200 can enjoy the comfort on the premium economy class. Seats in-front of you are separated 35 inches and offer a bigger space for legroom.

Economy class

Passengers on medium and long haul flights can enjoy complimentary meals while watching the latest blockbusters, tv shows and sports through a personal screen for each seat.

Special Meals

Passengers can arrange reservations for special meals according to their dietary needs. Air China offers diabetic meals, bland meal and more. Click here to see all special meals available.

In-flight entertainment

All classes feature built-in tv screens filled with on-demand movies, tv shows and music. Boeing 777 airliners have free wifi unlike others.


First and business class passengers are allowed to carry two pieces of baggage not exceeding 8 kg each, while economy passengers have the allowance of only one piece of luggage below or exactly 5 kg.


Air China has three main hubs, Beijing Capital International Airport, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport operating over 340 airliners daily. They also have subsidiaries for other travel services such as Air China Cargo for transportation of goods and other materials. Air China serves as a parent company for Air Macau, Beijing Airlines and Dalian Airlines. Air China is among the 27 members of the prestigious Star Alliance. In 2008, Air China won the award for China’s Leading Airline from World Travel Awards, the airline was also nominated numerous times.

Air China’s contact information.

  • Website URL: http://www.airchina.com/
  • Contact number: +1-800-882-8122(Canada)
  • Contact Email: customer_relations@airchina.com
  • Head Office Address: Beijing Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing, China


Hope you enjoyed our Air China review. Among 100 airlines worldwide, Air China ranks 93rd according to Skytrax 2015 after falling 8 spots from 85th in 2014. China is a genius country when it comes to business and economics, maybe it’s time to apply this knowledge to improving Air China’s travel service.