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Air Georgian Reviews

Air Georgian began as an airport developer in 1985 and started  commercial operations in 1994. They subsequently developed an air carrier business in 2011 which made this their major role in their travel industry. Eventually, Air Georgian became a codeshare partner of Canadian Airlines and also became a Tier III partner of Air Canada. In a nutshell, Air Georgian operates with Star Alliance.
Air Georgian Reviews-aircraftAir Georgian is currently led by their President & CEO, Eric Edmondson. The privately-owned Canadian airline has a fleet size of 32 Beechcraft, Bombardier, and Cessna which serve routes to several destinations within Canada and United States. Georgian International is their parent company. It was in December 2013 when Air Canada announced that commencement wherein Air Georgian will operate additional routes in Canada and the United States using Air Canada Canadair CRJ-100 aircraft.

Flying with Air Georgian

inflightThe Canadian airline had provided aviation services and charter flight solutions for more than 25 years, be it safe, convenient, fully-integrated charter services, aircraft management, aircraft maintenance or comprehensive aircraft training programs. Air Georgian had inspired passengers to why you should fly with them.

Flying with Air Georgian, travellers can feel confident every detail of their aviation experience will be handled by their dedicated team of professionals. They work to understand customers’ unique needs then tailor a solution that exceeds tourists’ expectations. From the initial choice of aircraft during an acquisition, to proper maintenance and regulatory compliance, to exceptional in-flight care, Air Georgian is everybody’s personal flight director.

Official Website

It took several attempts before we were able to access the official site of Air Georgian. We got to admit that the interface is not modernized, but it’s not that complicated to navigate because it’s simple and user-friendly. Unlike other airlines’ official sites, Air Georgian doesn’t directly show the option to search and book for flights on their main page. Booking of scheduled flights is done through the Air Canada website. For reference, customers refer to the link below:

Air Georgian Reviews-pageUnfortunately, Air Georgian doesn’t have a mobile app for the mobile version of their service. The best way to get in touch with them is through their website or contact numbers and the information below. The official site provides several information about the airline’s management, maintenance, training, and careers.
Air Georgian Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                  http://www.airgeorgian.ca/
  • Contact Number:            +1 905 676 12 21
  • Contact Email:                smonsen@airalliance.ca
  • Fax Number:                  +1 905 676 11 51
  • Head Office Address:     2450 Derry Road East, Shell Aerocentre, Mississauga, Toronto, Ontario,
                                          L5S 1B2, Canada


According to several feedback online, most of Air Georgian reviews are based on employees’ comments on Glassdoor.Air Georgian got an average total score from its former employees. But, with regards to inflight service reviews, there are none to be found online.

Since the airline serves Air Canada, it is safe to rate them as one of the most reliable airlines in the world when it comes to US and Canada routes.

Have you flown with Air Georgian? Feel free to share your experience below.


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Air Canada Reviews

Air Canada is a member of Star Alliance, an extensive airline network in the travel industry which is made up of 27 airlines. Air Canada is one of the largest and most reliable air transport service providers in Canada. Trans-Canada Air is the former name of the airline when it was founded in 1937 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Besides providing air travel services, Air Canada has subsidiaries to enhance the flexibility of the services they provide. Here are a few;

  • Air Canada Cargo- Provides shipping services for over 150 destinations worldwide.
  • Air Canada Vacations- Deals with offering vacation packages with different means of travel like plane, bus, train, and even cruises.
  • Air Canada Rouge- This is Air Canada’s leisure oriented branch, based in Toronto, Ontario. It provides flights to The Carribean , Mexico, and more.
  • Air Canada Express- Is primarily a cargo shipping service partnered with carriers including; Jazz Aviation, Air Georgian, Exploits Valley Air Services, and Sky Regional Airlines.
  • Air Canada Jetz- Established to solely provide travel services to sports teams, professional entertainers, and corporations.

Sky Domain

Air Canada 737-8 & -9 MAX Artwork K66087 Air Canada Reviews
Air Canada 737-8 & -9 MAX Artwork K66087

With a total of 174 commercial planes in their fleet, Air Canada reaches 182 destinations. Service starts from helping people find flights, then attending to their need during the flight. Air Canada ensures to serve every customer the best way they can.

Air Canada as a Gateway to the various Deals

AirCanada.com offers various packages and programs to give customers a more personalized experience. One such program being the altitude program, which notifies frequent customers reduced prices on their flights. A customer simply creates an account for the altitude program or aeroplan and they now have access to enjoy the many different privileges provided by Air Canada and other star alliance members.

For a more convenient way to provide services, Air Canada created their own application for Android and iOS. The handy application allows customers to;

  • Book flights
  • Check for discount updates
  • Check flight status, and more.

The feature isn’t particularly unique, but hey, it is still amazing!

Air Canada's website
Air Canada’s website

The Honors of the Company

Air Canada had been the best airline in North America for five consecutive years, and it was the public who made that possible and according to SkyTrax they are the only four-star airline in all of North America.

Air Canada Reviews

In a Nutshell

Air Canada has done an amazing job and goes beyond standard expectations. They take pride in the service they offer and the best part is of course the discounted packages available to regular customers. Hats off to Air Canada and the wonderful job they have been doing!

We hope you found these Air Canada Reviews helpful. Have you traveled with Air Canada? What was your experience like? Share down below in the comments section!