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TACA (Transportes Aereos del Continente Americano) airlines was founded in 1931 by the Synergy Group based in El Salvador. For 75 years, TACA provided service for air travel to millions of people. In 2009 it was announced that TACA would  merge with the Colombian airline Avianca which is affiliated with Star Alliance. Upon the completion of the merger, on May 31. 2013, Avianca took over the management but upheld the great services TACA was renowned for. With a fleet size of 44, TACA, which is called Avianca El Salvador now offers 50 destinations and 22 countries.

Fly with Ease

Booking flights within this airline is a piece of cake. First search for the flight deal you want according to your destination, then book it, after that enjoy your flight. The company promotes the idea of convenience for the sake of each customer. Most customers find it very easy to book flights and even check in to the airline. Avianca promises all customers that each flight will take-off and land on time.

Avianca’s website is organized for customers to have easy access to deals and information. They can also check the status of their flight and new updates issued by the company itself.

Ups and Downs

Avianca El Salvador airlines is known to provide good quality service to their customers. But there are certain people who would beg to differ. There have been some good reviews and some bad ones. A number of people appreciate the convenient and excellent service of the airline staff. According to some feedback the attendants for every flight were very generous and polite when catering to their passengers. However, there were many complaints regarding the slippery leather seats and less than appetizing meals. There were negative comments stating that Avianca has the tendency to change flight status on the spot, for example; adding stopovers, this might be a counter-statement to other reviews saying that all flights land on time.

Avianca Mobile

Just like other airlines and travel companies, Avianca created its own mobile application to provide a more-convenient way to search and book flights for its customers.

LifeMiles program

To expand their services, the company decided to establish a certain program to reward loyal customers for their trust and faithfulness. LifeMiles covers a variety of benefits, like offering VIP lounges for some leisure time with your family and friends while you wait for your flight to take off, as well as great discounts for travel necessities. This program is distributed not only for Avaianca El Salvador but to other affiliated airlines as well. LifeMiles was the improved version of AviancaPlus and DISTANCIA to enhance the companies service and also compete with other airlines.



Customers conclusion

For some customers, Avianca El Salvador offers great service, from booking right up to the destination. Unfortunately, bad reviews are quick to catch up saying that Avianca may not be the ideal airline to book with. Despite all of that there are still a number of loyal customers who would prefer to fly with Avianca.

This review is written to inform everyone about Avianca’s current situation including their service and customer’s feedback. Feel free to leave a comment or question!


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Cheapair Reviews logo

CheapAir Review

Founded in 1989 as a product of the desire to travel at a budget a student could afford, the company has been flourishing and blossoming like a flower in the spring. The very proof of the success of the company comes from the fact that the founder and CEO was a law student at the time he decided to take a radical step for all those who wanted to travel, and by the time he launched this company, he had no need to continue law school, and therefore, he didn’t. The name of this man was Jeff Klee.

What is this Company?

Cheapair is a travel planning company, right from the start of your journey till the end. The aim of the company is to provide the cheapest possible air travel to allow every single person to travel, either for work or leisure purposes. For this reason, the company has shaken hands with many of the airline companies. This allows the customers to decide the airline of their own choice.

What sets this Company apart?

It is simple. The company has a single policy, and skimming through the website of Cheapair, It must say that the policy has been followed really well. The company aims at making its customers feel at home, at understanding them and acting like their friend rather than a business corporation. Because Jeff Klee himself was a student when he founded this company, he probably infused his young friendly spirit into the deals and the way they are represented. For instance, the company offers a refund of the difference if it gets created after a flight is booked, so that you do not need to fret about booking at higher rates. Your money will eventually find its way back to you. This has been called the Price Drop Payback scheme.

The company has also a hundred matches as far as airlines are concerned. Before your booking is confirmed, the database runs through all the available options, comparing and churning the options, and then presents to you the cheapest possible options. Isn’t this convenient? Cheapair takes the entire headache itself and you are saved from hours’ worth of research and head scratching while trying to fit a seat into your budget.

Also, the company provides a travel agent to anyone and everyone who book through it. The travel agent is usually based in US and is responsible for making your trip successful.

What do we conclude from this? The company is actually all you need. While looking through the other companies, we noticed that complete packages did not include travel agents, which meant that a portion of your vacation went unplanned. This is not the case here. This is just one company that you need and your entire vacation will be planned without you getting tensed and worked up about it.

This might not sound important, but trust me, it is. For most of the companies, the creation of a complex web interface means a higher professional image and a more intimidating look. While that may sound impressive, it does not, in any way, attract customers. This has been taken care of in the website of this company, which features a simple, easy-to-navigate-around design.

In a Nutshell:

We hope you enjoyed this CheapAir Review. Cheapair is one of those few airline companies that offer every single thing that your vacation needs: a good airline service in cheapest rates, a travel agent to guide you, and a guarantee of your money, including a refund whenever the customer requires. One does not come across such offers on a daily basis. The company is definitely one of a kind.


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Flight Centre Reviews in 2015

Flightcentre.com Review

Flightcentre Company is the greatest retail flying means in Australia and enjoys reputation as worldwide shining travel agency. Geoff Harris and Graham Turner established the foundations of this company in 1981. The company is believed to have above fifteen hundred hardworking workers on desks in above 2,500 stores established in ten countries in the world. At the present, the company has got incredible popularity as the best flying experience for travelers.

What does Flight Centre do?

It reserves air travel for air travelers. The website works as go-between the airline service and you, favoring you for the most reasonable deals. The corporation has built warm and safe commercial relations with a great deal of the air travel organizations round Australia. So, reservation of a flight via online staff, discount offer is a must. That another reason why we did a flight Centre review this years.

Flightcentre works on the policy of self-comparison. This means that all the flights to the same destination booked by a customer and deal charges are dug out in order to compare them with the charges by this company, so that the customer may get the best affordable deal. Doing so, the company guarantees the stay of all customers at one place without any need to search for better deals. Going with this airline, you will see things are at their place to be customer-friendly.

Apart from all given above, the website is keenly responsible in updating new information. The website software pieces together the new details about any change in flying schedule, flight destinations and flying off areas, and the charges requirement, in conjunction with the custom charges on the luggage, and refreshes the details 24/7 to give you the best. This constant and accurate updating gives big ease to the travelers who find searching out the recent charges and schedule changes herculean task. Customer can save energy and time, besides saving on pocket together with getting the best user-friendly contracts in the history of air travel.

How does Flightcentre Get in Touch with You?

Flightcentre.com, just like any other travel retailer, gets in touch via email. The difference is that emails are instantly delivered. Everyone understands how disappointing it is to face delays for the answer of a crucial query. Flightcentre reviews is different here. Besides, the corporation introduces a convinced strategy about e-ticket issuing soon after reservation confirmation.

Added Bonus

The most exceptional thing about Flightcentre is that it is just not a simple booking platform to refresh and update price information and flight schedules. In fact, its purpose is greater, which is to grant you cheapest flights and incredible discounts. The homepage features of the website are open evidence of its customer-friendly attitude and worldwide appreciated reputation. Going through it, you will come to know various incredible discount offers by the company for a great deal of destinations in and out Australia. They proudly claim to be at hand just through a phone call, and lead you to a flying experience you have ever dreamt about.

Flightcentre is Australian-based airline, but has worldwide air connections. That is why; it has complete information about all its offers to book a flight for any country on the globe. For all destinations of the company airline on the planet earth, the deal discount offer information is also available. If a customer feels in dark about holiday destinations and has poor knowledge about what is most popular among flyers, the company has a special section, Travel Ideas, to inform about what should be your next vacation destination and what is more in among customers of the age. The website is worth visiting by all who love air travel or need it at any stage of their life. We hope that you enjoyed reading this Flightcentre reviews we did in 2015.


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Priceline Reviews 2015

Priceline Negotiator Reviews

Started in 1997 by Jay Walker, Priceline.com was then and still now most famous for its characteristic and most certainly exclusive offer of “Name Your Own Price”. A record breakthrough was made during its first public offering, with $12.9 billion earnings at the first day of business. Since then, it has grown and budded into one of the most successful airline travel companies of today. The company functions like a travel agency, providing you the basic information you need for your travel to the desired destination. Hope you will enjoy this Priceline reviews that we made in 2015.

The Name Your Own Price Feature

Bidding is the rule. This deal involves some of the jaw dropping discounts on the flights, with the cards reaching up to as much as forty percent. In our experience, a ten percent discount is proudly flaunted by the concerned company; giving away 40 percent of the charges seems to be another universe entirely. Furthermore, with this deal, you can bid and set a price of your own choice, something which was never possible before Priceline entered the arena and which is never possible with any of the other travel agencies. This degree of freedom speaks for the reputation of the company itself. And if this wasn’t enough, the company puts a lock over your information, preventing the others from stealing your bid.

Other Deals

Well, there are many other offers as well. Among them the last minute offers are particularly famous. We all know that every single one of us is busy, and every single one of us has to travel in an emergency situation to someplace sometime. Booking at the eleventh hour is a hassle of its own. Priceline simplifies the procedure by simply asking you to fill the slots with the information and then bid on the prices. Yes, you can even save money on emergency flights.

Then there are weekend deals and flights. If you bid at least a week before on them, you get a high chance of saving half or more than half of the original money. Now that is interesting, right? Priceline has brought together all the customers through the “Name Your Own Price” feature and helped its own scope grow as all types of people communicate and interact with them.  One of the reasons that the Flights Reviews team decided to do a Priceline reviews in 2015.


The navigation through the website is easier than one would think. Unlike most others, all the information has not been crammed on to a single page. Although this method has been used by most of the air travel companies, Priceline employs a different approach. The information is distributed under subheadings throughout the website and while moving through them, you feel like you are following signs on a map. Furthermore, the website has been written in a very simple, yet effective language. You can search in any direction you want, either from the city you have to depart or from the city you want to land. Both options are available on the website.


Gathered from the online polls and the user reviews, the company is particularly famous for the low costs at which the flights can be booked, thanks to the “name your own price” feature. Furthermore, the business is conducted in quite a friendly manner, the website echoing the cooperative and friendly environment rather than the intimidating professional aura that would cause your wallet to ache. The customer care and the answering of queries have also been deemed satisfactory by the majority of the customers.

Finally, the conclusion can be reached that the company has not only proved itself to be feasible for the customers, the proof of almost 12 billion dollars speaking for itself, but has also been an interesting company, thanks to the creativity of Jay Walker.



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Clear Trip Reviews In 2015

ClearTrip Reviews

Stuart Crighton founded ClearTrip on July 4th, 2006. For nine years Crighton, with the help of many brilliant minds working behind the scenes, managed to provide travel services to millions of travelers around the world. The company worked hard to establish its reputation for excellent service. Here, you’ll get to know ClearTrip and what people are saying about them.

Stuart Crighton Cleartrip CEO
ClearTrip founder, Stuart Crighton

Clear as a Crystal:

Less is more, simplicity at its best.

ClearTrip.com exudes simplicity. With ClearTrip’s simple and direct interface, most customers finds it convenient to process transactions. Clear as crystal, everything can be done with ease, from looking for flights to booking hotels located around the globe.

The website is organized and easily understandable.  However, despite having a user-friendly website, the entire design is unappealing and plain. But still, ClearTrip really out-did itself when it comes to easy access flights, which is the entire point of the site, right?

ClearTrip website Reviews

Flight Deals:

All current deals appear in a box on the side of any page. The company does not promise the lowest possible fares for every destination, however one certainty for every customer is that every flight will be within their budget. Prices are indeed ranked among the lowest. The company also offers good discounts on selected flights. Here are some great features offered by ClearTrip:

  • Calendar- The website presents a calendar that marks certain dates with cheap deals. For example, you are looking for a cheap flight from Montreal to Mexico, in August, the calendar highlights certain dates with the description “Best price.” Amazing feature right?
  • Bus and Train travels – ClearTrip makes sure to assist everyone with transportation whether by air, land or sea. ClearTrip also shows available bus and train rides with routes and price info.
  • Weekend Getaways – ClearTrip’s website created the Weekend getaways function for all travelers looking for a cheap way to enjoy their weekend elsewhere.

Expansion of the Horizons:

To expand the services they offer, the company decided to create its own mobile app, Playstore and all other OS’s now provide access to. It’s called “ClearTrip Mobile.” The application enables customers to receive updates on the latest deals straight to their phone. With the mobile application the customers can:

  • Search and book flights
  • Check flight status
  • Search for train and bus routes
  • Arrange car rentals
  • Search for available hotels
  • Get updates regarding changes and cancellation of flights

All you need is your phone and internet and you can benefit from these fantastic features. 

ClearTrip Mobile App Reviews

A flaw with providing information

To fulfill their main purpose, ClearTrip has to provide what they promised to each customer. ClearTrip shouldn’t mislead their customers with unreliable information. For example, false deals and hotel prices were reported by frustrated customers. Furthermore, some customers gave negative reviews regarding ClearTrip’s unreliable  customer service.  To make things even worse, many reviews concluded with customers advising other customers to never, ever book their flight with ClearTrip.

In a Nutshell:

We hope you enjoyed these ClearTrip Reviews. All in all, ClearTrip managed to stay alive and is still able to provide great deals despite the bumps along the way, including strong negative reviews that will stay online forever. Recovery may be difficult but not impossible if they decide to sharpen up their customer service department. There were satisfied customers of course, but these days, negative reviews are more often to appear rather than jolly and cheerful ones. Who goes online to talk about how satisfied they were with their experience with a company?

Feel free to leave a comment to take part in this review! Opinions and queries are welcome.

ClearTrip Reviews