TAAG Angola Airlines Review

In Portuguese, appearance matters, they are the most socially conservative type of people. They have this sense of formality when dealing with others. Are you excited to know how TAAG Angola Airlines handle their customers? I believe they won’t practice nepotism in this Airline Industry. Hop in and let’s enjoy this Portuguese ride!

Como tudo começou (How it started)
TAAG stands for Transportes Aereos Angolanos in Portuguese was originally founded in 1938 as Divisao dos Transportes Aereos, then was officially known as TAAG Angola Airlines in 1973. TAAG used to be owned by the government of Angola.

A Portuguese licentiate graduate from Economia e Gestao Empresarial, Mr. Joaquim Teixeira da Cunha is the Chairman and CEO for 2 years now from September 2013, now that TAAG has an official corporate backbone.

TAAG Angola Airlines - Joaquim Teixeira da Cunha
Joaquim Teixeira da Cunha






Customer’s Feedback
TAAG Angola Airlines has a 3.5 score from AirlineRatings.com, fair enough. Most reviews are talking about the lack of in-flight entertainment, and the only source of entertainment is not working or often times malfunctioning. There’s one review about TAAG’s palanca (audio/ video outlets) wherein the customer said “Inflight entertainment system was not working and the reading light also, so the only available option was to try to sleep”. The customer sounded upset about it. Another reviewer, said he was very dissatisfied with the food and also was strongly commenting about the flight attendants rudeness.

Official Website and Mobile app
Once you get on the website, it will ask you directly to pick a language from a drop down list box at the bottom right. You could actually check in online, check flight status, easy navigation to schedule domestic, regional, and international flights. The website also gives you brief information about Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America just to give you a heads up about those most visited continents. It shows you about the history of TAAG. You will also observe that the Airline’s symbol is Angola’s national animal: Sable Antelope.

TAAG Angola Airlines Review - Mobile AppIf you have a smartphone, TAAG Angola Airlines is available in iOS for iPhones and iPads.

TAAG Angola Airlines offers you…
TAAG Angola Airlines has three classes categorized to your convenience, the following are Diamond First Class, Executiva Class, for a check-in desks with access to the Airline’s Welwitchia Lounge in Luanda Airport and Economy Class for the in-flight entertainment AVOD.

The In-flight entertainment of TAAG includes palanca well basically that’s an AVOD (audio/video output device). To provide extra comfort the seats have footrests and the headrests are winged, pillows and blankets are given to passengers. TAAG has austral, which is an in-flight magazine and entertainment guide to keep you accommodated.

TAAG Angola Airlines Review - Austral

They provide proper accommodation to the disabled and people with special needs like pregnant women, unaccompanied minors, and some medical cases. TAAG sees to it that their passengers on board will receive the right amount of food, water, and utmost medical treatment.

Another thing they are actually good about is how they treat customers with lost baggage, they actually have a system locator for customers lost luggage, they have this feature on their website wherein you can track your lost baggage by entering your 10-character file reference and last name to help you trace your package. Once found, they will arrange a convenient time for them to deliver your luggage.

Facts about TAAG Angola Airlines
TAAG Angola Airlines is the national flag carrier of Angola, and the main hub is at Luanda Quatro de Fevereiro International with a fleet size of 14. It’s ranking Top 90 from “The World’s Top 100 Airlines – 2015” according to Skytrax. TAAG Angola Airlines’ slogan: “Always Your Company”

In July 2007 TAAG Angola Airlines lost US$5 million a month due to the ban made by the European Union that kept TAAG from entering the European airspace. The United Kingdom barred TAAG from flying into their territory, so then Angola banned British Airways from landing in Angola.

There were several cases reported that TAAG had accidents involving fatalities. One of the recent reports was on the 28th of June, 2007, the airplane was carrying 78 passengers, 66 were injured in the incident, unfortunately 5 died and that includes the municipal administrator of M’banza-Kongo and a senior Roman Catholic priest from Italy.

Customer Service
In this TAAG Angola Airlines review, their customer support is responsive to customer complaints, because they value every customer’s comments, suggestions, and even complaints.

TAAG Passenger Survey is one of their service wherein customers are allowed to rate how efficient their shops are, the appearance and politeness of the staff, and the ratings go from 1 (highest priority) to 5 (lowest priority). In this survey, it will allow their customers to tell how long they waited for their baggage and their rating for the cabin crew’s attentiveness and communication. It’s their customer’s choice to fill out or not to fill out the form because the purpose of the survey is to improve in-flight entertainment and to prevent discomfort.

They also provide live chat support which they call TAAG chat, they will ask their customer’s full name, phone number, email address for the initial information, and will be asked to hit the “Contact Us” button.

Contact information

  • Website URL:                   www.taag.aero
  • Contact number:              +244 226 421 000
  • Contact Email:                 adm@flytaag.com
  • Fax Number:                     +244 222 390 396
  • Head Office Address:         Rua da Misso 123, PO Box 79, Luanda, CP 3010, Angola

In this TAAG Angola Airlines review, Fatalism is an essential trait of Portuguese culture but they cannot carry that trait in the Airline Industry. For they must secure first, the safety of their customers. Believing that things are inevitable means you’re not prepared for risk and just go with the flow, without awareness of what might happen or what might not go well along the way. In this industry we don’t only provide comfort in-flight, we also make sure that our customer will reach their destination safely. Feel free to leave a comment below!



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