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The land of mouthwatering chocolate and cheese, expensive but high end watches and multilingual. The most desirable city in the world, Zurich, is located in Switzerland and known for the best quality of life in the world and the wealthiest city in Europe, for luxury shopping, lodging and cuisine. Join me as I unfold the Swiss International Air Lines’ battle scars and triumphs!

Swiss International Air Lines Reviews-introOrigins and Ownership
The beginning of Swiss International Air Lines doesn’t sound as pleasing as other airlines. Since it commenced after the former flag carrier of Switzerland, Swissair. On the initial start up of Swiss International Air Lines a total of $1.6 billion was lost. However tables have turned, Swiss is now the national airline of Switzerland with over 80 aircrafts serving 100 destinations internationally. The new airline is headquartered in Zurich Airport. The airline has two subsidiaries: Swiss Global Air Lines and Edelweiss Air, and Lufthansa Group took over Swiss in 2005.

They carry the German company slogan “Unser Zeichen ist EIN Versprechen” (In English; Our sign is a promise). 2006 marks the year of recovery for they had a net profit of $220 million, followed by $570 million the following year. They are also a member of Star Alliance.

Swiss InFlight Service
Swiss International Air Lines caters three cabin classes: Economy, Business and First. All three classes are wisely designed to fit for passengers ‘choice. With Swiss International Air Lines, status and profile is not a priority, even when customers are on Economy Class they are well served with sumptuous meals and a variety of beverages preferably hot or cold. To keep their passengers entertained, all travelers have a set-back audio video on demand which will entertain them with an extensive selection of movies, music, ebooks and games.
Swiss International Air Lines Reviews-inflight
To learn more about Swiss International Air Lines on board services, click here.

Official Website and Mobile App
I find the page of Swiss International Air Lines as too bright, given its mix colors of white and red, the white’s brightness was overpowering the rest of the page that it’s a little bit painful to the eye. Not to mention, the plain colors make the airline’s official website, not even close to enticing. However the functionality of the site passes the layout’s impression.
Swiss International Air Lines Reviews-page
Travelers can book flights, hotel reservations and car rentals. They can also check their flight status and manage their bookings. To access their frequent flyer program, Miles&More, the link is shown on the top left next to the language selector.

Swiss International Air Lines also has mobile version of their services available for iOS and Android users. Like other travel app, Swiss International Air Lines mobile application grants easy access to customers to book a flight or manage their bookings. The services are pretty similar to the PC version.

Passengers Feedback
Though Swiss International Air Lines had an overall score of 7 out 10 from, Swiss International Air Lines reviews are mixed with positive and negative comments. Unfortunately, the latest review about them was scored 4/10 when she said:

“We had return flights from Hong Kong to Valencia, Spain. The seats were extremely cramped, thankfully no medical emergencies occurred. We wouldn’t fly Swiss Air again. We don’t watch the inflight entertainment usually but the screens were not working in the section we were in anyway!”
Swiss International Air Lines Reviews-LOGO
Contact information

  • Website URL:                      
  • Contact number:                          +41 848 700 700
  • Contact Email:                    
  • Fax Number:                                +42 023 400 836 0
  • Head Office Address:                   PO Box, Zurich Airport, 4002 Zurich, Switzerland

My Final Thoughts
Based on the information I gathered combined with ​several Swiss International Air Lines reviews, the airlines have been really progressive since 2002. This led them to win battles that challenged them. Did you know that they are included in the world’s top 100 airlines? Ranking with the 14th spot this year and keeping being nominated and awarded for Europe’s Leading Airline by World Travel Awards. Kudos to Swiss!

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  1. What can I say? Swiss International Air Lines is one of the best airline I ever flown with!
    Awesome, elegant and almost perfect. FA were attentive and organized. Meals were delicious.
    Seats were comfortable, no delayed flights. I’ll give the airline and this review same 10/10!!!

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