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In 1945, an Air Advisory Board was established to determine the consideration of having air service in Sudan, the young nation of Africa. With the aid of other foreign carriers and expertise, Sudan Airways was formed in February 1946 with the assistance of Airwork Limited and the commercial support of Sudan Railways. However, the airlines is fully owned by the Government of Sudan. Now, Sudan Airways had grown to a total fleet size of 5 aircrafts that consists of 3 Airbus A300B4-600R and 2 Fokker 50 serving 14 destinations within Africa and the remaining ten within Sudan area of responsibility.

Khartoum International Airport had always been the headquarters of the airline. In 2013, the CEO position was held by Abd Elmahmoud Suleiman Mohammed.

Sudan Airways Reviews-plane-crash-flight-139The most controversial news about the national airline of Sudan was the Flight 139 that crashed 15 minutes after take off on the 8th of July 2003. It killed a total of 117 passengers. Miraculously a 13 month old girl and the man carrying her survived. Sadly, they died after a few hours due to the wounds accumulated.

The flight departed from Port Sudan and was bound to Khartoum. The pilot reported an engine failure 10 minutes after take off and was actually planning to fly back to the airport to have an emergency landing. However, it was unsuccessful, the plane crashed before being able to return and immediately caught fire.

The Website and Services
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The page of Sudan Airways looks rushed and compressed, like you can sketch the whole site on a 8.5 x 11 bond paper. On a positive note, given its official website’s appearance, it lets travelers to search and book flights. The site itself offers not only air services to customers who needs flight to other parts of Africa or within Sudan, but also provide corporate information such as their airline hiring and offered trainings. Sudan Airways sees to it that their passengers are updated with their latest news using their site.

Sudan Airways Reviews of Passengers
There are not much Sudan Airways reviews posted online, not even on Airline Ratings and Airlikes. However, I was able to find one on Airline Quality and it dates back to the 9th of June 2008. I am not quite sure if this will be reliable, but  I still chose to share it:

“Business class on their A300 from Doha and really glad to get off this flight. Aircraft very scruffy inside and needed some real attention and cleaning. Seats were broken in many areas and toilets were unusable – FAs did not seem bothered by any of this. Service was all over in a short time and FAs then disappeared to galley. Not an airline I would wish on my worst enemy and despite all they say in their magazine about change this airline seems to be a lot worse than when I last flew them (that was in 1991 though!). Avoid at all costs.”
-F Durrant
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:            
  • Contact Number:                +249 183 243 770 / 0-187-011-000
  • Contact Email:          
  • Fax Number:                      +249 183 243 723
  • Head Office Address:         161 Obied Khatim Street, Block 10 Ryadh, Khartoum, Sudan
                                               P.O Box: 253, South, Sudan

Judging through what we have learned and with all the facts gathered about Sudan Airways, the flag carrier of Sudan needs to improve in so many ways. The record of 15 accidents is not a joke or something reliable at all. These records gave them a really bad impression. In my case, I am too scared  to fly with them. If you’ll read all those incidents, you’ll notice all of the reports were rooted from negligence in maintenance. I am hoping Sudan Airways will do something about this.

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  1. Great flight and service from stewards. We even couldn’t fill the 11 hour flight. Great attitude and always busy.

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