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STA Travel was founded in the 1970s but is said to be established in 1971 by Australian Union of Student (AUS) and some others said it was founded by Dick Porter and another unknown student in 1976. However initially it was known to AUS Student Travel and bankrupted in 1979 and that’s when Diethelm Keller Group acquired the company. Diethelm Keller Group, is a globally operating Swiss market expansion services group headquartered in Zurich, Australia offering a combination of sourcing, marketing, distribution and after-sales-services.
Diethelm Keller Group
STA Travel
STA Travel is an online travel agency headquartered in Zurich, London with over 2,000 employees in 200 branches internationally and caters aviation services to student and youth. Originally STA meant “Student Travel Association” however in 2014 the acronym was changed to “Start The Adventure“ to accommodate customers who are not Students and under 26 year old.

Since 2007, STA Travel had been consecutively nominated as “World’s Leading Travel Agency” and “Australia’s Leading Travel Agency” by World Travel Awards for their Australian branch. The other branch in United Kingdom had been consecutively nominated as well as “Switzerland’s Leading Travel Agency” and “Europe’s Leading Travel Agency” since 2005.
pageWith STA Travel, travelers can find and book flights and hotel reservations. Promotions of flight deals and Top Sellers are also shown at the lower part of the page and interchangeable to for ALL or for STUDENTS & Under 26.

On the right hand of the STA Travel shows flashing images of tourist attractions worldwide, some of the online travel agencies services and more hotel or hostel deals. To get brief descriptions about Australia the Backpacker icon is shown on the top right of the page before the language selector, in which customers gets the latest blogs and articles done by Kylie, their travel informer and observer in STA Travel.
STA Travel Reviews - contact usSTA Travel is very generous about their information that the last part of the page takes the whole section for their Contact Us option. Wherein travelers can reach them over the phone, book an appointment, find the nearest store and get an email quote. This section also provides information of their brief history, option to download a brochure, direct link to their social media accounts and subscription to their newsletter service.

All JUST a Pretty Face?
I am surprised with all those achievements and information about STA Travel because it’s now how customers see it on their STA Travel reviews. Almost all of the STA Travel reviews are rated with 1 out 5 and the most recent said that they’re probably the worst travel agency, inflated prices, bad customer service and completely appalling company. Check the latest and most accurate customer’s STA Travel reviews, click here.
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Contact information

  • Website URL:         
  • Contact number:             (+44) 151 559 3930
  • Contact Email:       
  • Fax Number:                   212-473-4998
  • Head Office Address:      11 Goodge Street, London, WIP 1FE, United  Kingdom

Advice to Revise
Reading other STA Travel reviews, I have tons of advice for STA Travel. Yes, I haven’t tried to book a flight with them and I won’t even try to book one with them. Reading those STA Travel reviews made me think twice why the online travel search engine still gets nominated as one of the best in the world if they can’t be efficient with what they offer. I am not the only one who is doubtful here. What can you say about them? Feel free to leave a comment below.



  1. I made a reservation with them.
    Money were debited from my account
    Confirmation was not sent by email
    I requested the confirmation on the web again and it was not sent
    I called the hotel and the reservation was not made
    I called ratestogo and nobody answered
    I sent an email to them and wait for reply
    It all looks like a fraud.
    Avoid avoid

    • I understand your frustration Jennifer, thanks for the comment I really appreciate it. Looking forward to see you in my next reviews.

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