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The fourth new airline and formerly established as “Pan Asia Airlines” traces its roots back to 2002. Miyakoh Holdings is their parent company and the ownership is actually divided to 56.9% Industrial Revitalisation Corporation of Japan – 11.7% Mera Electric Industrial Corporation. In 2011, the airline was rebranded to “Solaseed Air.”
The head office of the airline was at Miyazaki City, but is now located on the second floor of Miyazaki Airport. The low-cost carrier of Japan to domestic and Asian destinations operates from Haneda and Naha Airport, using 12 Boeing 737-800. The main destinations of the airline is between Kyushu and Tokyo.

On Board Services
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​​Solaseed Air carries their company slogan: “Seed Smiles in the Sky”, Well, it is obviously derived from the airline’s name “Solaseed”. There was no definition found to how they came up with that word. Maybe it’s something related to the word Solar and Seed, since the country of Japan is known as the“Land of the Rising Sun”. The best that we can offer to share, what it is like on board with Solaseed Air are these reference of picture (panorama) and video:

The Website
​​Since it’s a Japanese airline, the official site is in the Japanese language and unfortunately can’t be translated to English. There’s a word “English” at the bottom part of the page and once clicked it will direct customers to ‘Assistance and Reservation Information’ page, wherein it provides information for contact support numbers and available operating hours for foreign tourists visiting.
Going back to their main page, the overall layout of the site uses Solaseed Air’s theme color. This gives the lively mood to the page. While basing our review on what we see online for their official website (since we can’t translate the Japanese characters), the airline provides online booking services, they also have a newsletter service found at the right hand of the page. The bottom part of the page lists Solaseed Air news, information, services and destinations.

Solaseed Air Reviews of Customers
Unfortunately, there are no Solaseed Air reviews found online. None in Skytrax, AirlineRatings, Trustpilot, Tripadvisor, SiteJabber, ConsumerAffairs or any other commenting site. Maybe because they are just a regional carrier of Japan focused on routes within the country.

*To be updated of the airline’s news and updates, check this link below:
Solaseed Air Reviews-logoContact Information

  • Website URL:                  
  • Contact Number:                      +81 985 617 761
  • Contact Email:                
  • Fax Number:                            +81 985 617 717
  • Head Office Address:               Miyazaki Airport, 148 Aza Hieda, Oaza Akae, Miyazaki Citi 880-0912, Japan

We can say that Solaseed Air is like Peach Aviation, but at least that airline has global languages to change their site on. Anyway, based on pictures, videos watched online and no Solaseed Air reviews found, it is safe to say that the airline can be reliable in terms of within Japan routes. But I wonder how will they be able to accommodate flights to Asian destinations? First thing that I can see as a problem would be the language barrier, unless they were lucky enough that all of their passengers understand Nihongo.

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  1. Sapporo to Osaka Kansai. Peach are a fantastic low cost airline! The whole experience from check in to flying was faultless. The staff are very attentive polite and professional. Onboard food (for purchase) was delicious. I would definitely fly with them again.

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