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The biggest airline that also offers charter services in the Czech Republic, Travel Service, had established a separate low-cost brand in 2004. This airline was named as “SmartWings” and was created to cater services routing to 27 destinations across Africa, Asia and Europe. This actually includes the following:

  • SmartWings Reviews-destinationsAfrica: Tunisia
  • Asia: Cyprus, Israel, Turkey and United Arab Emirates
  • Europe: Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Canary Islands and United Kingdom

SmartWings is headquartered in Václav Havel Airport Prague with a fleet size of 40 Boeing 737s and Airbus A320s. As the name sounded, they also started operating strategically and smartly. After the bankruptcy of SkyEurope, SmartWings started operating scheduled services to Paris and Rome.

Smart Ways with SmartWings
SmartWings Reviews-inflight
The Slovak airline has only one kind of service on board. They find this an advantage to equally treat every customer fairly. Through that, SmartWings delivers reasonable quality of services for fair prices. What they pay for are basic services. But they also offer a limited circle of other paid services, such as transport of oversize cargos, extra baggage and and animals. With regards to special assistance, SmartWings accepts travellers with special needs and restricted mobility. However, the traveller should be responsible with booking their flight with special services. They also accommodate concern such as customers bringing syringes for medical reasons and pregnant women.

The Website
When I got to their website, I was actually surprised. Positively. I was actually expecting a not modernized kind of webpage. But they passed my expectation. The official site was nicely designed and organized with the blue and orange theme that gives customers an upbeat mood. They promptly promote their latest deals and packages. The site’s language is interchangeable from English to 8 other languages.
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On the right hand of the page, a “SmartCall” button is appearing and once customer hover their mouse on it, the number to contact them for ‘order and sale of additional services’ will be shown. The bottom part of the page mostly shows the destination SmartWings flies to and even includes the latest news and update. Like other airlines, SmartWings also provides newsletter services.

SmartWings Reviews of Customers
Out of 31 SmartWings reviews, the Slovak airline is one of the few air carriers which passengers recommend. One reviewer even mentioned that the price was too good to be true, but it was true. He also complimented on the aircraft’s cabin and crew. His overall experience was incomparable, since the food was served warm with a variety of drinks to chose from. Through this, he highly recommended the airline and gave them a 8/10 score rating.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                
  • Contact Number:                    +420 220 116 686 / +420 255 700 827
  • Contact Email:              
  • Fax Number:                           +420 220 111 833
  • Head Office Address:              K Letisti 1068/30, Prague Airport, 160 08 Prague, Czech Republic

They are adept in providing quality of service in one cabin class on board. This is the reason why passengers love to fly with them. SmartWings will set up a good example for other businesses and airlines. The Slovak airline was successful in creating a discreet masterpiece. We are looking forward to see the continued growth of the airline as an epitome of customer service not as a travel business company.

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  1. I highly recommend Smartwings if you have a lot of luggage and are in the budget market. I flew Smartwings CDG to PRG and PRG to CPH promptly after a transatlantic flight to CDG in August 2004. I understand Copenhagen is no longer scheduled but I must have been at 35 kg in luggage and that was no problem for either leg. It would have cost me a king’s ransom in excess baggage charges on Ryanair. The planes were only half full so that might have helped.

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