Since it has been a year, we will be starting to write new reviews about the travel sites we once wrote about last year, just to give you a heads up of the current status or changes of a particular online travel agency. Things can change in a span of a year, that’s why we decided on re-writing some of the written travel search engines and give you the freshest feedback for 2016.

In this review, we will be re-talking about smarTours.

smarTours Reviews 2016

Just as a review, SmarTours was established in 1996 with the aim to provide high quality, exciting group vacation tours to some of the most fascinating countries in the world at the lowest possible price. Since then, smarTours offers international airfare from the US via major scheduled airlines, deluxe and first class hotels by customers’ preference and convenience, travel inspirations, tourist attractions, and multi-lingual local guides.

How does smarTours work?

Looking at smarTours seems like looking at the same travel site 7 months ago. In short, nothing had changed. Apart from the new offers and package deals, their web page still looks the same. Similar to last year’s concern, the interface is not modernized and confusing to use. But, as noticeable, they are now celebrating their second decade of their travel service and they already had helped 150,000 loyal customers.
SmarTours is one of the million online travel agencies from the US and what makes them stand out? Well, to be honest, none. We are not trying to be harsh here, but smarTours is just a typical tour tool searcher and operator. It also entices tourists to see more of other destinations from just looking at their web page. They kept showing customer reviews on their main page, but no supporting evidences are showing that these aren’t just made up. Speaking of smarTours reviews 2016, let’s check the actual feedback from consumers.

smarTours Reviews 2016 from Consumers

According to several smarTours reviews 2016, the New York-based travel site is still garnering a lot of complaints not similar to last year but more about their services and their site’s functionalities. This kept customers wondering why they never made developments in spite of all the negative feedback and consumers’ suggestions showing every now and then. This left them in a turmoil and they considered smarTours is one of the travel scammers.
smarTours Reviews 2016-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:            
  • Contact Number:                212 297 0955 (Tel)
  • Contact Email:          
  • Fax Number:                      212 297 0965
  • Head Office Address:          501 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1402, New York, NY 10017, USA


Undoubtedly, smarTours doesn’t care about how you think about them. They just keep on providing travel services. We see their vitality over all these issues they are encountering lately. However, keeping an eye close to all the customers’ consistent concerns isn’t healthy. This gravely affects the consumer-producer relationship in business. Maybe, smarTours should make some few developments that will favor some of their customers’ requests.

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  1. SmarTours often requires you to take their flights. When we receive our tickets to New Zealand we discovered with horror that our flight to Auckland went via Sydney, Australia adding 7 hours more to a long trip and losing a day in Auckland. When confronted with this problem smarTours indicated we were on this flight because Sydney was a Quantas hub. Air New Zealand had numerous, inexpensive nonstop flights. This has happened to us before with smarTours. BEWARE OF THEIR FLIGHTS.

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