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Did you know that SkyWest Airlines has over 11,000 aviation professionals as their employees? Regardless of gender, they even have a female pilot operating international flights for them. Flying wasn’t a job for her, but more like a hobby, that’s how SkyWest Airlines’ employees felt while working. To know more about their female pilots, click here. Let us all learn the history and services of SkyWest Airlines.

Origins and Ownership

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Jerry Atkin

SkyWest was established on the 26th of April 1972 when Dixie Airlines was bought by Ralph Atkin. They even celebrated the commencement of the airlines when they held a festive called “Penny-a-Pound” in July 7th of the same year, wherein rides had parachutists making aerobatic flight stunts. By then, Mr. Atkin was proud to tell the travelers that “We could say that we never cancelled a flight. We may have gotten there four hours late, but we got people to their destination.” In 1984, SkyWest Airlines started expanding its network in Western US making them the eleventh largest regional airline after acquiring Sun Air Lines.

Now, SkyWest Airlines’ main hubs depend on their airline partners’ headquarters. The four airline partners of SkyWest Airlines are American Eagle, Alaska Airlines, Delta Connection and United Express. The North American major airline owned by SkyWest Inc., has a fleet size of 341 aircraft serving over 200 destinations worldwide. The current Chairman and CEO of SkyWest, Mr. Jerry Atkin, is a 66 year old American businessman who joined the airline in 1974 as one of directors of finance. However, effective January 2016, Russell “Chip” Childs will be appointed as the new CEO of SkyWest as per Mr. Atkin.

SkyWest Airlines Reviews-designed wingInflight Services
SkyWest doesn’t differ much from other airlines with three-cabin class aircraft designed to provide comfort to passengers on board. As noticeable, the wingtips of SkyWest are specially customized as part of their fuel-saving agenda in enhancing economic performance. To keep their customers entertained, SkyWest inflight magazine keeps you updated of the latest trends in fashion and sports and even in business too. Meals are served and varied depending on the class and route the customer have taken for their travelling.

Official Website
As evidenced as shown below, the layout of the airline is designed with utmost simplicity. The theme colors gray and white don’t hurt the eyes of the travelers. However, unlike the other airline’s official website it was quite confusing that the option to book flights or manage bookings are not promptly shown on the first page. They don’t even have a mobile application of this type of web service.
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SkyWest Airlines Reviews and Feedback
Based on numerous SkyWest Airlines reviews, the airline scored a total rating of 7/10 by Wherein customers are really satisfied with their overall inflight experience. The noted the seats of SkyWest Airlines are the most comfortable they had ever encountered and flight attendants were polite.

The recent reviewer said “I was warmly greeted at the door by a very nice flight attendant. Service was excellent. The seating on the CRJ is 2-2 rather than 3-3 on the larger planes. The plane was very comfortable and quiet.” He gave SkyWest Airlines a 10/10 score.
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Contact information

  • Website URL:                 
  • Contact number:                      +1 435 634 30 00
  • Contact Email:               
  • Fax Number:                            +1 435 634 33 05
  • Head Office Address:               444 South River Road, St. George, Utah 84790, USA

SkyWest Airlines had kept a nice background for more than 4 decades. It seems like the Atkin family had managed the company well that it keep soaring high ever since. After reading other SkyWest Airlines reviews as well, I realized that this airline is one of the promising and credible air carrier existing nowadays. Kudos to SkyWest Airlines!

Have you flown with SkyWest Airlines before? Feel free to share your experience below.



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  1. Among all the Low Cost Carriers I flew so far, this has to be the best, hands down. I never come across an airline that really treats me very well. I am so amazed with the airline that its in my top of the list in terms of recommendation especially if you are flying to international destinations or on the domestic flights, depending where you are from.

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