Skyscanner Review

“Never miss a flight with Skyscanner” that’s the slogan. So let’s hope they won’t miss anything essential in accommodating a customer. I wonder how they convince their customers to never miss a flight? Let’s take a peek into that.

Scanning the sky with Skyscanner
The Skyscanner was founded in 2001 however launched in 2003 with its head office located in Edinburgh, Scotland. The current Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Gareth Williams, is also the founder of Skyscanner. It all started with his fascination over computers back when he was a teenager. He went on and studied mathematics and computing at Manchester University and shortly after graduation he landed a job as a programmer. From then he had a vision of a website that can compile all prices and compare from every airlines internationally, it started with an Excel spreadsheet, now it’s called Skyscanner.

Skyscanner Review - Gareth Williams
Gareth Williams

The Official Website and Mobile app
The official website of Skyscanner is a mixture of Turquoise and Black which gives an executive class look. On the top right of the page allows customers to change their language, country and currency to fit their customer’s preferences. The website’s features lets the customer book a flight with the option to select their desired class, hotel reservation, car rentals, airport shuttles and recreational vehicles. It also provides you option where the customer might want to travel next, plus the cheap flight list section seen on the right hand side. The feedback icon is available for customers with website interface suggestions and comments and the help icon is on the top right for customers with further inquiries unanswerable by the website.

Skyscanner Review - Official Website

The Skyscanner mobile app is another way for customers to access Skyscanner using smartphones. The mobile app’s functions are similar to the website’s. It allows customers to book a flight, book a hotel reservations and car rentals.

Skyscanner Review - Mobile App

What people are saying
Skyscanner is getting a very poor rate from Trustpilot. As noted with ‘Extremely Poor Customer Service’ by a recent reviewer, September 22, 2015, on that review she said: “Please read reviews before making purchases with this company. Extremely poor service, no customer contact especially after ticket was cancelled yet I rang the company more than 3 times. No one was helpful other than mentioning that my booking was cancelled. After purchasing ticket, a notice comes up mentioning the price paid is not confirmed and likely to change! Why isn’t this mentioned at the start of a booking to make customers aware? Surely this is unacceptable! After making a purchase? Be aware!!!” she sounded angry that she gave the online travel agency 1 out 5 rating.

The online travel agency which has been in the business for 11 years now might upgrade their website’s interface, add more services and suggestions, though, will it be enough to satisfy customers?



  1. I find the page of Skyscanner cool too THOUGH unfortunately I was tricked too! Prices change after booking a flight. Geez! Waste of time.

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