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In 1996, after the deregulation of the Japanese travel industry, the Skymark Airlines was established. However, it actually commenced operations on September 19, 1998. By then their CEO was the former head of the British Airways, Mr. Takashi Ide.

Last year (January 2015) the airline had filed bankruptcy protection under the Corporate Rehabilitation Law at the Tokyo District Court after reporting ¥71 billion (or $571.3 million) in liabilities.

Since then, several sponsors were potentially approaching Skymark and with the help of the plans of Delta Air Lines and ANA All Nippon Airways. Slowly Skymark Airlines had got back to shape but has not fully improved. Since their net income is still in red, and even their ownership is not kept.

Plans had been made to change the name of the airline to “SkyBee” or under “Nok Air” but it didn’t happen and it retained the name “Skymark”

Skymark Airlines Reviews-inflightMoving forward, the low-budget airline now has a growing fleet size of 26 Boeing 737-800 and caters destinations to several routes domestically. The airline is headquartered in Haneda Airport and is managed by their current president and CEO, Masakazu Arimori.

InFlight and Website Services
Since the airline was originated from Japan, the official site is on Japanese by default. An option to change the language is found on the top right of the page. Aside from interchanging languages between English and Japanese, Korean and Chinese are also available on the selection. Now, let’s talk about the page itself.

pageThe overall appearance of the airline is plain yet simply organized. It lets travelers check seat availability, flight reservations and even change, cancel or refund their bookings. The site advance option includes proof of transaction via “Show a Receipt”

The page also shows a list of the airline’s services such as airport guide, hotel booking and a list of fares which makes the official website more than what it looks like.

The baggage allowance per passenger is up to 20kg. As mentioned above the airline doesn’t only offer flight reservations and hotel bookings but also car rental services.

Skymark Airlines Reviews of Passengers
According to Skytrax’s 14 Skymark Airlines reviews, the low-cost domestic airline had garnered a total score of 9/10 rating. I never thought an airline in crisis can still serve well. It seems like the fruit of their labor is their own customer’s feedback. These might be their energy fuel to keep going. To read these Skymark Airlines reviews, click here.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:           
  • Contact Number:               +81 3 5708 8208
  • Contact Email:         
  • Fax Number:                     +81 3 5708 8201
  • Head Office Address:        1-5-5, Haneda Airport, Ota-Ku, Tokyo, 144-0041, Japan

Even after the bankruptcy, continuous downside and challenges they were and are encountering. Skymark Airlines is still is one of the surviving airline business I know that never ceased operations during those tough times. As a young carrier catering domestic routes, they were actually matured enough to face those trials and come home victorious. Have you flown with them before? Feel free to leave a comment below.



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  1. I was able to book online smoothly and easily. Service is no frills but competent. I did not find any particular language barriers during my travel and the rates are definitely way more reasonable than other bigger airlines for domestic Japanese travel. Checking-in and boarding were simple and efficient.

  2. Hi,
    I have a question regarding plane ticket reservation on the SKYMARK website.

    When typing in the boxes provided for passenger’s Last Name and First Name for the ticket details and credit card details, the following error messages prompts respectively:

    ・Invalid characters in passenger (Adult1)’s First name. Your entry must be in single-byte alphanumeric characters.

    ・The Last Name of the credit card holder was entered incorrectly. (spaces, symbols and Full-width character is not allowed)Please enter in single byte alphabetical characters.

    Let’s say the complete name is: Ma. Theresa G. Tan

    I am hesitating to omit ‘Ma.’ and ‘G.’ especially when the credit card holder name is being asked.

    How should this be typed in correctly? I am not sure what single-byte alphabetical characters mean.

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