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SkyBooker traces its roots back to 2001 and that’s the only information found about the origin of the travel site. But based on their social media account on Facebook, the site searches for cheap flights either domestic or international routes and provides online travel ideas. However, it is promptly shown that customers can change their flights within 12 hrs for free. In this review, we’ll see how SkyBooker works.

The American online travel agency’s layout is cleanly designed and organized as well. The main page lets customers search and compare flights either one-way or roundtrip and choose which cabin class they prefer. Like other travel sites, SkyBooker also has newsletter service, wherein customers can receive the exclusive deals directly to their inbox.
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To have a more customized search, SkyBooker offers the Top Deals in list appearing on the right hand side of the page. The bottom part of the page gives a similar service with their Top Deals, it inspires customers with more places to go which are categorized by European Flights, UK Flights and Vacation Deals.

Well, the site shows four reasons why travellers should book with them. Here they are:
reasonsBased on their company description “Customer satisfaction” is their top priority and through this they assure customers to have the best travel deals with more flight options on their user friendly site.

The most famous service of SkyBookers is the “My Trips” section, wherein mentioned above that customers have the option to check their PNR or manage their booking. The “My Trips” icon is located on the top right of the page before the Help and Call number.

However, it’s kind of tricky why there are no SkyBooker reviews​​ found online. Even on their social media account, no posted comments or feedback as well and to top that, they only have one follower on Twitter and Google+. I wonder why? Does it mean that SkyBooker hasn’t reached anyone yet? Well it seems like the travel site itself is bait for customers, more like a scam.

Given its flowery languages and phrases, SkyBooker doesn’t have at least a brief history. As an online travel agency origins and ownership are essential factors to determine that a site is credible or reliable. Missing this information makes the site questionable.
logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                      www.skybooker.com
  • Contact Number:                +1 888 591 5929
  • Contact Email:                    support@skybooker.com
  • Facebook:                           https://www.facebook.com/skybookers/
  • Twitter:                               https://twitter.com/_skybooker
  • Head Office Address:          2300 Valley View Ln #725, Irving, TX 75062, United States

​Judging by what the site lacks and also with the zero SkyBooker reviews​​, it is not safe to trust this online travel agency. Why would you trust a made up company over other major travel sites that can also offer you lower fare deals.

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  1. Purchased tickets for $4009 only yo find a chard of over $5000 in my credit card, after being stuffed around for 6 weeks they now refuse a refund as it was a website issue, very rude people

  2. When I questioned their request for a copy of my ID and card, and an attempt to get more money by docusign document after original amount had been authorised, they cancelled my booking without my consent.

    When I asked about the refund they straight up lied to me.
    “we have already sent request to airline for refund” was the response. I called American Airlines reservations and they confirmed they had not received any payment.

  3. Booked and paid with a credit card that has not been used for anything else. I ended up with $900 of fraudulent charges from a different state – had to cancel card etc. Avoid Skybooker. They may steal your credit card info.

  4. Credit card was charged for a higher fare then quoted throughout the entire booking process. Complaints were met with “Too bad, but we can cancel your flight if your uninterested.” Beware!!


    HORRIBLE, IRRESPONSIBLE COMPANY. I make a booking and I receive an email with the receipt, saying “Tickets will only be issued after the credit card verification has been completed.” in tiny font at the top of the email. Up until the day of my flight I received NO COMMUNICATION from the company so I had assumed that the verification has been completed. HOWEVER, when I double check before I’m about to leave for my flight, I discover that my booking was CANCELLED because verification had not been completed. This is completely irresponsible for a company to not notify a customer to let them know that their booking was IN FACT CANCELLED. When I called customer support they gave me attitude (after putting me on hold for 15 minutes) saying we contacted you by phone which was completely untrue, I received no emails (I even checked junk email), voicemails, or phone calls. They rudely told me “I should’ve checked myself because you received no confirmation email”, which is misleading, because the email they had sent looks like a bill and confirmation email! I even double checked the phone number and email I provided them, both of which were accurate! IF YOU ARE GOING TO CANCEL A CUSTOMER’S ORDER AT LEAST HAVE THE DECENCY TO CONTACT THEM ABOUT IT. DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS SHIET COMPANY, THEY DON’T RESPECT THEIR CUSTOMERS AT ALL.

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