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Dorian Harris

A self proclaim Corporate Hippy, Dorian Harris, established Skoosh in 2001 with the aim proving that there is a better way in doing business. In 2010, an alleged report was made scandalous that a major online travel agency are bullying Harris over hotel pricing. He gave up the fight against them by removing himself from the ongoing consultation process at that time, so that he can return to his business and life. Later on, in the middle of the review, let me share to you what really happened on that clash of two online travel agencies

Why Skoosh?
Skoosh is a user friendly hotel site headquartered in United Kingdom. Initially, it will ask customers with “Where would you like to go?” This is their strategic way to inspire travelers to think of a destination they want to go to. An inspirational place in mind, means an edge to start a hotel search to stay in. It is shown on the one page view locked site that it’s powered by TripAdvisor. However, I am not quite sure what is the relevance of the word “Skoosh” itself in travelling? Skoosh is a squirt or splash of a liquid.
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Why NOT Skoosh?
Well, to know what really happened to the report. Here’s what rooted everything. Harris openly wrote a letter to CEO Kees Koolen of saying:

“Earlier this year we started getting some calls from angry and confused hoteliers insisting that we were selling their rooms too cheaply. I called them back to work out what was going on and they mostly told me that had been on to them threatening all sorts of nonsense if they didn’t either remove their hotels from Skoosh or force Skoosh to raise its prices.”

What triggered the conflict between them was even Koolen gave a non-response to the first letter, Harris sent a second one:

“I’m not judge and jury here. I’m concerned for my business, my industry and e-commerce as a whole. If rate parity is allowed to take hold, I see a time where there is absolutely no discounting online at all. It doesn’t matter where anyone goes to shop for a product, the price will be the same. As I’ve said elsewhere, that all sounds very Cold War to me.”

Booking was not alone involved in this matter, this conflict also included Priceline on it. For reference, click the link below:

In 2013, Harris finally backed away after 3 years, click here. However, in 2015, a new blog (click here) from Harris was being passed from side by side. I hope this won’t ignite the war 5 years ago.
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  • Head Office Address:             48 Rochester Gardens Hove, East Sussex BN3 3AW United Kingdom

Skoosh Reviews-warOverall Thoughts
So, would you go for a hotel site who has a war freak as a leader and doesn’t know limitation or when to keep his mouth shut? He did but not until everything was far from what should have been resolved 5 years ago. It seems like he still can’t get over with what happened. If he’s acting this way with his competitors then I wonder how he handles complaints or negative Skoosh reviews?

Friedrich Nietzsche once said
“The man of knowledge must be able not only to love his enemies but also to hate his friends.”




  1. We got double billed & when I called, they said they couldn’t see the second charge, but my bank sure could!! I had to go through them to get it fixed! Had to protest. It was very inconvenient booking with Skoosh.

    • Skoosh had been know for their fraudulent ways on stealing money. You got to becareful next time. Try booking with Hipmunk or Flight Hub, these are the travel site that I highly recommend.

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