There are many airlines in the world with a rich and interesting history. The first airline in the world to be established is the DELAG (Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft) the airline was founded on November 16, 1909. Some airlines were born in the midst of war, it is amazing how several airlines manage to stay alive despite such a  brutal past, but on the other hand this could be the reason they persevered.

Origins and Ownership

Singapore Airlines was founded on March 1st, 1947 with its initial name of Malayan Airways. The 68 year old airline was introduced to the world during the aftermath of the second world war, now Singapore airlines is the second best airline in the world.

The current CEO is a singaporean, Goh Choon Phong, 49 years old born on April 16th, 1966. Phong is the CEO since January 1, 2011, before being the chief, he was the Executive Vice President of Marketing and the Sales Regions.

Singapore Airlines' CEO, Goh Choon Phong
Singapore Airlines’ CEO, Goh Choon Phong

What people are saying

Being the second best airline in the world, millions of people have chosen to fly with Singapore airlines and decided the share it with the world through online reviews. A commonly mentioned attribute is the wide legroom each seat has in economy, according to customers the seats recline perfectly. The in flight entertainment was inspired as stated by some reviews, the choices for tv programs, movies, music and more is great. The entire process of checking in is very fast and smooth, customers were happy about that. This one guy stated that Singapore Airline never disappointed him, every flight he took with the airline was always a delight, he also said “you can never go wrong flying with Singapore airline.”

Many passengers appreciated the attentiveness and kindness of the cabin crew for each flight. Specific crew were even mentioned, for example, a customer described the crew on SQ279 on Sunday 9 August 2015 to be warm, friendly and welcoming.

Singapore Airlines cabin crew
Singapore Airlines cabin crew

Some customers said, flying with Singapore airlines was their most enjoyable and comfortable flight ever.


The Website

Despite being the 2nd best airline in the world, Singapore Airlines’ website is simple and easily navigatable. Customers can manage their flights, check flight status and even check the weather conditions of different countries. Some added features are a world clock and currency converter. Itinerary details like hotel and car rental arrangements can be easily managed through the website.

Singapore Airlines website
Singapore Airlines’ website

There is a special offer page for discounted prices, extra in flight service and extra in flight entertainment choices.

One particular promotion they have is the KissFlyer promotion. Customers can sign up for a KissFlyer account to receive several benefits like receiving notifications through email, discount prices on flights and cruises, priority boarding and more.

Mobile App

With their own mobile application, Singapore airlines provides service and features through personal smartphones. Services like booking flights, amend your bookings, access your KrisFlyer, check flight schedules and more.

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Customer Service

Their customer service operation runs 24/7. Their customer service actually allows customers to check in and book flights through calling, questions are also entertained, but the website already includes a FAQs page for easy access to information if needed. Their FAQs list covers information about checking in, asking for refunds, last minute flights etc.


There are four in-flight classes, first class, business class, premium economy and economy class. They also offer a suite exclusive for their A380 aircraft, each cabin is considered a sanctuary for each passenger. Privacy and comfort awaits for passengers who availed for this offer.

Suites in the Sky
Suites in the Sky

First class

First class passengers are escorted to a 35-inch wide fine-grained leather with mahogany trimmed seats. Each seat can be easily converted to a large bed with crisp linen and fluffy pillow and a duvet. Skin care products are also provided, when it’s time to sleep, each passenger is given their own sleeper suit and bedroom slippers.

Singapore airlines first class seat
First class seats

Business class

With their newly renovated seats, passengers can rest on a seat that can be recline up to 132 degrees.  Each seat can be converted to a 28-inch wide full-flat bed, at 78 inches in length.

Singapore Airlines business class
Business class seats

Premium economy class

Indulge in a wider seat with more space to move around with built-in winged head rest, calf rest and foot rest.

Premium Economy passengers
Premium Economy passengers

Economy class

Ergonomic seats with more space to minimize intrusion awaits economy class passengers. Each seat provides a bigger space for your knee and extra leg-room.


Food and Beverages

First class passengers can choose from a variety of gourmet meals cooked to perfection by an International Culinary Panel of world-renowned chefs, great quality wines are also distributed to satisfy each passengers thirst. Snacks, sweet treats and gourmet coffee are also served.

Business class passengers are going to have a hard time choosing between 60 gourmet dishes prepared by culinary masters, exclusively employed by Singapore Airlines.


Authentic Singapore and Asian cuisine as well as other international meals await the passengers of the premium economy class flight.



In Flight Entertainment and Technology

Exclusive for first class passengers is a 23-inch LCD screen with high quality sound coming from  award-winning noise cancellation headphones. Passengers have a wide selection of movies, tv programs, games, music and sports.

First class in flight entertainment
First class in flight entertainment

For Business class, passengers can enjoy movies, tv programs, music and games with the KrisWorld in flight entertainment.

The innovative KrisWorld in flight entertainment allows the premium economy passengers to view their favorite films, tv series or listen to the latest music by manipulating a 13.3 HD-enabled touchscreen LCD monitor.

Economy class passengers won’t even keep track of time when they are having a good time watching the latest flicks, playing cool games and accessing applications through a 10.6 inch personal screen.

In flight entertainment KrisWorld
In flight entertainment


Singapore Airline has a very strict policy regarding baggage. There are certain prohibited items like stun guns, pepper sprays, lighters and more. Of course deadly weapons including baseball bats, sparklers and aerosols are restricted. To see their entire baggage policy, click here.


Their main hub is the Singapore Changi Airport located in Changi, Singapore. Their headquarters is based in Airline House, 25 Airline Road, Singapore 819829 Singapore

Their entire flight operation is possible with 104 aircrafts offering 64 destinations worldwide.

Singapore Airline is a proud member of Star Alliance, they have a list of awards including World’s Best International Airline from Travel & Leisure Magazine (USA) for 20 years in a row. SkyTrax gave a 5 star rating to Singapore Airlines and was the second best airline after Qatar Airways in 2015.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:+65 6223 8888
  • Contact
  • Fax Number:+65 6490 0596
  • Head Office Address:2 Orchard Turn #04-05 ION Orchard Singapore 238801 (Above Orchard MRT station), Singapore


Being the second best airline is a big deal, maybe next year they’ll claim the throne from Qatar Airways. Their service is truly world class and the  way they do their business is flawless in all angles.

Review overview
2nd best Airline in the world!


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