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Arjun Shroff

An experienced internet entrepreneur, Mr. Arjun Shroff, established Shroff Travel 21 years ago. His training with IATA/UFTA in Switzerland and 32 years in travel industry internationally had specialized Shroff Travel in Philippine Destination management since Day 1. Shroff Travel is well represented in all major travel fairs worldwide which is part of the extensive sales and marketing activities done for both domestic and international events.

Recently, Shroff Travel shook hands with the Indian embassy to extend their network of service throughout Indian connections. The travel site is accredited by IATA, PTAA, PIATA, PHILTOA, Resort’s World Manila, PAGCOR and PATA. The parent company of Shroff Travel is Shroff International Travel Care Inc.

October this year, Shroff Travel was even featured on TravTalk Magazine for their special issue located at Page 31, regarding the promotion of India in Philippines since they are a Philippine travel site specialized in destination management. And in the same month, Shroff Travel had a roundtrip all-in airfare promo through Thai Airways. However, the availability of the offer is just limited.

The Website
The site looks simply blue and dull. In my honest opinion, it gives a false impression that this page is about business than a travel site. However, Shroff Travel main features aim is to give customers the options to search and compare for flights, hotel accommodation, transfers, sightseeing and extensive searches to explore the beauty of Philippines and India.
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The livery is shown on the page with “We Care” next to it is the company slogan “Experience Life, Do Travel!”. These are the only reason why it still appears as a travel site.

Shroff Travel Reviews of Customers
It is quite suspicious that there are no Shroff Travel reviews to be found. Maybe Filipinos are not just really into commenting or sending feedback. Though another option to view Shroff Travel reviews, is by accessing their social media account where some consumers are giving them a perfect 5 star rating and some comments. To see their social media accounts: Facebook and Twitter.

One reviewer said “Good news to us guys because I found a very amazing traveling company that will help us to find a better place to travel with a very affordable tour package and this is the SHROFF TRAVEL.” he’s even planning to write a blog for the company
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Contact Information

  • Website URL:        
  • Contact number:             +632 524-2222 / 524-3636 / 400-4753
  • Contact Email:      
  • Fax Number:                   +632 524-1486
  • Head Office Address:      2nd Flr.RCBC Bldg.,1932 Taft Ave., Malate, Manila, Philippines 1004

In A Nutshell
It was actually not easy to write a review about Shroff Travel, since there are not much information found about them. At first I thought they are not even legit travel site. However, studies shows that Shroff Travel had already served more than 5,000 passengers annually. And with all the advertisement they gain from other companies, this site makes themselves credible and convincing to book your future travel plans. However, please be notified that Shroff Travel is based in Philippines.​



  1. I had a booking thru their site and they did not advise me I needed a transit visa due to which I had a made a new booking at the last time incurring a loss of £ 300. And when I contacted them on the flight date, they just hangup the phone leaving me stranded on the airport . Also they havent replied to email till now

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