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In 2002, James Sherman founded ShermansTravel and now it employs about 50 employees with it’s head office located in New York. The name came from the founder and current Chairman of the online travel search engine. The idea sprouted from the idea of helping fellow travelers to find the best vacation deals and information online.

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ShermansTravel is known to be a site that gives customers the information of the best travel deals, low-budget tourist spot advice and other travel information necessary for travelling. The interface of ShermansTravel is categorized into:

  • Travel Deals – viewers get to know a list of flight, vacation, cruise, hotels and car deals.
  • Destinations – viewers get to learn more about the destination they want to visit and this section is categorized by continents.
  • Trip Ideas – viewers get ideas of what to do out of town, like the latest in arts & cultures, beaches, cruises, food & wine, romance dating spots, smart luxury places, sports and other adventures.
  • Compare Rates – viewers get to search for rates comparing flights, hotels, vacations, cruises, cars and vacation rentals.
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Their New Mobile App
ShermansTravel has recently launched their Mobile App version of their services and they called it, WhereTo. This app features lets customers similar functions of the PC version provides vacation recommendations thru following three steps: Selecting one of sixteen types of trips, choosing from 20 different travel personalities and lastly traveller’s need to enter how many are going, what time of the year, duration and budget parameters.
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Complains about ShermansTravel; CHARGED Email Subscriptions.
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I read tons of ShermansTravel reviews and was surprised with several complaints about the unwanted charges, subscription and collection calls customers were receiving. Let me give you a list of those consecutive 1 out 5 ratings complaints:


  • “ShermansTravel is a bloody  scam. Useless People, they will run after you with bogus debt collection notices even when you didn’t subscribe to their magazine.”
  • “ShermansTravel won’t stop emailing me and I never signed up with them. They are saying I owe money to them and are sending a fake collection agency after me. DO NOT USE THEM!”
  • “I have been scammed as well. I never  signed-up for the subscription. I sent in a letter to cancel the subscription that I never signed-up for. Months later, I received a collection notice from North Shore Agency. WTF!? It has taken me forever to find the customer service number. I am going to call them today… Totally annoyed! TOI (Totally over it).”
  • “Complete SCAM! They bill you for subscriptions you never requested. STAY AWAY!.”
  • “I also have had a collection agency contact me. For a ten dollar subscription. This is very annoying, I have contacted both ShermansTravel and agency on their personless 1-800 line. Useless.”
  • “ShermansTravel is a SCAM. I subscribes to their Top 25 travel deals and they sent me a subscription to this magazine. I never ordered any magazine and they tried to bill me for six issues. I ignored their bill and they sent me to a collection agency for 10 bucks. I’ll never pay them.”


Contact information

  • Website URL:       
  • Contact number:            +1 212 417 9130
  • Contact Email:     
  • Fax Number:                  +1 212 417 9131
  • Head Office Address:     112 West 34th St., Suite 2110, New York, NY 10120, USA

In a nutshell
Judging through all the ShermansTravel Reviews I read and heard, it’s easy to conclude that ShermansTravel is not user friendly because customers subscribing to get more information are directly being charged for a different service. Let alone that incident is considered fraud. There are more complaints listed but I just posted few. Place your judgements below. Feel free to leave a comment below.



  1. ShermansTravel really looks good and even the mobile app is actually faulty. However my main concern here is the complaints are true. I experienced that fraud as well but got everything situated.

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