Sheremetyevo International Airport Reviews

The airport was originally established to serve as a military object called “
Sheremetyevsky,” in which the name was after a settlement with the same name. Though, after it was decided to turn the airport civilian, Sheremetyevo was opened on 11 August 1959 wherein its first international flight took place on the 1st of June 1960 to Berlin, Germany.

Sheremetyevo International Airport is one of three major airports in Moscow and the busiest in Russia since 2015. In this review, we’ll be giving you more about Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO)

Airport Facilities

Sheremetyevo International Airport Reviews-cafeSVO is a large, spread-out airport. The facilities and amenities are generally very good, but aren’t very comfortable for overnight sleepers. The floor is mostly tiled, so bring something to lie on for warmth.

The airport is generous with restrooms, each terminal will have at least 4-5 toilets. Shower rooms are available at the Baikal VIP Lounge located on the second floor of Terminal D, wherein disposable towels, shower gels, and soap are included to purchase.

Information desks and touch screen terminals are located in the main halls; these provide up-to-date flight information and details about the airport and transport to the city. Since Sheremetyevo International Airport is operational for 24 hours, WiFi is available for unlimited access, but only for travellers who have a Russian mobile phone. Non-Russian travellers will need to connect to the WiFi inside the cafes.

Sheremetyevo International Airport Reviews-shopThere is a wide choice of restaurants, cafés, and bars in each passenger terminal. These encompass a range of international and locally-branded establishments – from a cocktail bar serving a range of dishes in Terminal C to a sushi restaurant in Terminal F. A good selection of shops is available in each of the four main terminals. These include duty-free outlets, gift shops, pharmacies, and newsagents.

One of the best ways to learn more of the facilities and services of Sheremetyevo International Airport is through their official website. Travellers had even considered this the most reliable source of information.

Getting To and From

The main road leading to Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport is Leningradskoe Highway, which flows into the M10 motorway from Moscow.

The airport is served by several bus lines, all which depart from one of three Moscow Metro stations, which are the following: Rechnoy Vokzal, and Planernaya or Leninskiy Prospekt. Aeroexpress is a high-speed train service that travels between the airport and Belorussky Rail Terminal with a total one-way travel time of 35 minutes.
Sheremetyevo International Airport Reviews-AeroexpressTaxis are readily available outside of 1st floor Arrivals at Terminals C, D, E, and F. Also, many local hotels provide airport shuttle services as a courtesy to their guests. Ask your hotel for shuttle service availability and details.

Location – Traffic – Service

Sheremetyevo International Airport is situated 29 km (18 miles) northwest of Moscow and serves as the hub for Aeroflot, Nordwind Airlines, and Royal Flight. The public-type international airport of Russia has 6 terminals and 2 runways, in which, the several terminals consists of the following: the north terminal (Terminals A, B, and C) which caters low-cost carriers, and the south terminal (Terminals D, E, and F) which are interlinked.
Sheremetyevo International Airport Reviews-aeroflot
Public buses, express buses, and free airline shuttles are available for transfer between SVO’s five terminals, which are split between two separate sites. Last year, SVO had accommodated over 31 million passengers and had ranked up from 84th in 2015 to 78th this year on the  World’s Top 100 Airports.

Airport/Terminal Map
Sheremetyevo International Airport Reviews-map

Sheremetyevo International Airport Reviews and News

Reading through several Sheremetyevo International Airport reviews, the Russian airport had garnered a very low score rating from passengers’ feedback on Skytrax, since the comments posted online are mixed complaints and appreciation over the services of the airport. Most reviews from travellers focus on the south terminals, D, E, F, as those house most public international flights. Each gate has a lot of seats, and some don’t have armrests.

Sheremetyevo International Airport Reviews-newIn June 2016, Moscow region Government had approved the Sheremetyevo Airport development project. The project is the  Northern Terminal Complex that will make Sheremetyevo one of the major passenger and cargo hubs in the world. And, also, the new modern Terminal B with extended infrastructure will be built in place of the old terminal building by 2018. Here, there will be multi-level parking, and subterranean passenger and cargo tunnels connecting Southern and Northern Terminal Complexes. There is also a plan to lay a new railway track with an “Aeroexpress” station in Terminal B.

Sheremetyevo International Airport Reviews-logoContact Information:

  • Airport Code:          SVO
  • Phone Number:      +7 495 578-65-65
  • Website URL:
  • Address:                  Khimki, Moscow Oblast, Russia, 141400


As the mission of Sheremetyevo International Airport says, “Every day and every hour we work to ensure comfort and safety for our passengers, render services to our customers, and establish conditions for the comprehensive development of our workers, so that our flight-supporting efforts help unify individual people to become the human universe.” They might be facing a lot of complaints lately, but they are currently taking action as well to accommodate passengers’ concern through their mission and ongoing development plan.




  1. The old terminal 2 (now F) remains its dismal soviet self but new terminals are great. Terminal D has a children’s play room like a self-service daycare center. The prices at restaurants are still sky-high but at least now it gets you tasty food. One of the nicer and more helpful airports I’ve traveled through.

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