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In 2001 the genius Mr. Matthew Daimler founded SeatGuru out of personal experience of differentiating airline’s seats. However in 2007 TripAdvisor bought SeatGuru as they share same agenda, providing pre-travelling information.  

What is SeatGuru?
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From the root word Seat and Guru, which means “teacher of seats”, one could derive that SeatGuru is basically an online planner of aircraft’s seat plan, maps and reviews. With SeatGuru customers can have an overview of seating information of a certain flight of an airline. Initially SeatGuru asks for the Airline, Flight Number and Date. The following are the main bits of information provided in SeatGuru’s “Find Seat Map service”:

  • Pitch and Width – travellers get to know the space allowance details or whether there is enough leg room in each seat and this is shown for each cabin class.
  • Seating Details – travellers get to know the type of seat the airline has whether it be standard or recliner.
  • Seat Map Key – travellers get to know about the seat status of the airlines and whether it is a good or bad seat, standard, block, premium, location for lavatory or emergency exits.
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A new service they implemented is called “Search Flights”, wherein travellers can search for flights either one-way or round-trip same as other online travel agencies.
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SeatGuru is not only focused on providing seat plan information but also providing general information about airlines listed from A to Z, and  that section will let customers see some information about the airline’s aircrafts, cabin classes, partnerships and contact information.

Comparison Charts is the service section of SeatGuru where it lets travellers grasp information depending in which journey they desire, either short/long haul or economy/business class. A list of airlines are shown to give a wide selection of choice to look from.

The Mobile App
The mobile version of SeatGuru has similar features with its PC version. Travellers can search for flights, check flight status and seat selection. The option to submit a review regarding an airline’s seat plan is found in the app’s main page. The mobile was once awarded as one of the Best Travelling Apps by The Next Web.
SeatGuru Reviews - Mobile AppThere were a few complaints about the mobile app, mainly because it took a lot of customer’s time to download and storage takes 20MB of consumer’s phone memory.

Why Avoid Seatguru?
Reading through some of SeatGuru reviews, the comments and complaints are abundant and made me shaky about SeatGuru. However each review was accommodated with a response by TripAdvisor. This review really caught my attention because SeatGuru and TripAdvisor never answered her query when she said “Can someone please tell me why SeatGuru shows a completely different seat row/configuration for the American Airlines Flight#697 on 06/10/2016 (exact type aircraft and model) 757-200. I upgrade 5 seats on this flight from Hawaii to have the first row of coach class bulkhead and SeatGuru doesn’t even show row 5 as the first row of coach class after First Class. Please advise…”

(I personally checked her concern using SeatGuru and found out she was right about not being on the first row of coach.)
SeatGuru Reviews - customer concern

Contact information

  • Website URL:            
  • Contact number:                 206 219 3687
  • Contact Email:          
  • Head Office Address:         2000 Alaskan Way, Suite 557, Seattle, WA 98121, United States

In The End
Glancing through multiple SeatGuru Reviews, I believe the SeatGuru can’t always be accurate because changes occur every now and then and some customers call for changes like how airline passengers keep changing every hour. What can you say? Feel free to leave a comment below



  1. I once tried using SeatGuru and the seat information was wrong. I will never use this again and just go directly to the airlines.

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