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It’s been said that Scoot has a cynical attitude towards their customers. Maybe they are a new breath of aviation that will grow in a short period of time. With the company slogan of “Let’s Get Outta Here!” do they mean get off to a place or get away from them? Let’s pry further and see which of the two they might be pertaining to.

Scoot History & Facts

Scoot reviews - Campbell Wilson
Campbell Wilson

Initially, scoot came from an intention by Singapore Airlines to start a low-cost subsidiary airline where they offered 40% cheaper tickets than regular airlines. In 2011, Mr. Campbell Wilson was appointed to be the founding CEO of the new low-cost airline and on November 1, 2011 “Scoot” started operations alongside the official website.

​​The Singapore based low-cost airline is headquartered  at Singapore Changi Airport with a fleet size of 9 consisting of 1 Boeing 777 and 1 Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Scoot is serving 15 destinations. Though the airlines have only been in operation for 5 years, it already received awards from World Travel Awards with “Best Low-Cost Airlines in Australia/Pacific”

Scoot Services
Scoot reviews - scoot cafe
Scoot has only one class of service where customers can enjoy an array of Singaporean dishes, Asian and other international cuisines with refreshments, quality wines, or desserts like ice cream and savoury bite snacks. All of this is available in the Scoot Cafe menu.

Scoot reviews - scoot tvScoot calls their inflight entertainment buffet “Scoot TV”, which customers have to download the Scoot TV app on their personal device such as mobile, tablet or laptop. After a successful download, passengers have access to Hollywood, International, Asian, Comedy, Drama, Kids TV shows and movies.

Scoot has teamed up with KrisFlyer as their frequent flyer program. This program has the same benefits as other airline programs, travellers can earn miles every time they fly with Scoot. The pointing system of this service is called KrisFlyer, wherein customers can redeem the points to offset airfares, ancillary products, infant fees and booking changing fees.


Official Website and Mobile App
To be honest the layout of the official website reminds me of Spirit Airlines (American low-cost airline), I wonder if there any connection between these two companies? Anyway moving forward, with Scoot’s website travellers can book flights either one-way, roundtrip or multi-city.
Scoot reviews - page
The middle part of the page flashes images of their inflight services and right below that are promotions of packages, latest deals and offers. Wherein the header of the site gives access to travel deals, airline policies and travel information.

In case travellers want to change the language of the website, the language selector is located on the top right of the page and it’s interchangeable from English to Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean and Thai. Next to the language selector is the option to check-in online.

Scoot has a mobile app version of service for travellers who are more comfortable using their smartphones. With this Scoot Mobile app travellers can book flights, manage their booking, receive notifications of the latest deals and check-in online. The app is available for iOS and Android users.

Scoot Reviews of the Passengers
As I read in some Scoot Reviews, customers are not happy with their service. One reviewer said his flight was delayed for 5 hours and he was notified via SMS & Email saying a $50 compensation voucher will be provided. The reviewer is unsure if he’ll fly with Scoot again because he also mentioned the food was ‘bloody awful’. He ended up his review with “OK it’s an economy airline but live up to your promises and don’t play the passengers for idiots, Your livelihood – not mine”. With that he gave the airlines a 4/10 rating on 9th of October 2015 according to

Contact information

  • Website URL:       
  • Contact number:            +65 6506 8823
  • Contact Email:     
  • Head Office Address:     4 Airline Road, Changi Airport, Singapore, 819825, Singapore

In A Nutshell
Judging through other Scoot reviews, I thought that I should not think such a new low-cost airline would perform like other regular airlines. However Scoot exceeded my expectation by ranking the 58th spot out 100 in this year World Travel Awards. I guess the term “beginner” was never in their dictionary.

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  1. Flying with Scoot is like flying with Spirit Airlines. This review was right, there was something fishy going on about these two companies. Anyway my overall experience was neutral. I am having a hard time communicating with the flight attendants cause they barely speak understandable English.

  2. I would definitely recommend Scoot to my friends. Aside from being neat and high end. The airlines efficiency is consistent. I flew with them 5 times now and I always end my flight with a smile
    Have I mention that I really love Yellow?
    Nice review Max!

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