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As a TEAM, Together Everyone Achieves More, Scandinavia’s story started with companionship and indeed the result was remarkable. Success is not created by one person but by a team that comes together as one. See how Scandinavian Airlines gained their success in aviation.
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Brief History and Facts
Scandinavian Airlines is legally known as SAS or Scandinavian Airlines System traces its roots back to 1946 when a partnership of three airlines in Scandinavia aimed to handle the intercontinental traffic which made the airlines ownership to 50% private investors and 50% government.

SAS is headquartered in three bases: Copenhagen, Stockholm Arlanda and Oslo Airport. The fleet size of 150 is serving 104 destinations internationally and has been a member of Star Alliance since May 1997 as one of the founding members together with Air Canada, Lufthansa, Thai Airways International and United Airlines.

Rickard Gustafson is the president and CEO of the SAS Group since 2011. The 46 year old experienced leader internationally saw SAS as a unique and special group. He was amazed with the airline’s growth in recent years due to the deal accomplished and was looking forward to develop the company further, together with all the employees of SAS.

The largest airlines in the region of Europe; Scandinavia which is also the flag carrier of Sweden, Norway and Denmark has accumulated several awards these past few years. Taking the 57th spot in this year The World’s Top 100 Airlines and consecutively being nominated since 2005 for “Europe’s Leading Airline” and “World’s Most Innovative Airline.”

SAS Services
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Scandinavian Airlines serves palatable Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or European fine dishes on board with a choice of complimentary beverages including wines and juices. There are three cabin classes in SAS: Economy, Economy Extra and Business Class where customers can enjoy and be entertained by their new and improved inflight AVOD (audio/video on demand) loaded with the most recent movies, music and games.

Scandinavian Airlines Reviews - magazineTravellers can also enjoy their inflight magazine, Scandinavian Traveler, ready to be downloaded in customers personal electronic devices. The magazine contains lifestyle and travel topics by the Scandinavian’s best writers and photographers. Customers can download this app on board with their inflight connection: SAS Go.

EuroBonus,  is the frequent flyer program of the airlines and its same with other airlines. By earning more Points customers can get more benefits such as special offers, benefits and discounts from other airline partners of SAS. To learn more about the program, click here.

Official Website and Mobile App
On the website, customers will see 90% of the page is showing images of the blue sky and the interior of the cabin inflight. However how the airlines designed their header with large and eye-catching fonts, the header provides services like Plan & Book, Online Check-In, Manage Bookings and Flight Status (those are self explanatory).

If travellers are not sure with the language selected or don’t understand the website, the language selector is located on the top right of the page wherein customers can choose from 25 country languages.

Similar to other airlines’ web features, Scandinavian customers can also search and book flights, hotel reservations and car rentals. This feature is shown on the left hand of the page. Filling out the credentials in this area will customize and optimize search results to the preference of the traveller.
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Now customers can access Scandinavian Airlines service using their smartphones. The airline’s travel app provides similar services with the website features like booking flights, hotel reservations, manage booking, check-in online, check flight status and EuroBonus. When travellers make a payment using the travel app they can use points from their EuroBonus account.

This mobile app is available in App store and Google Play store. With Windows Phone it’s downloadable however the features are limited.

Scandinavian Airlines Reviews of Passenger
Passengers love to ride with Scandinavian Airlines however recently customers are getting unconvinced with the inconsistency of the airlines service. I read some of the Scandinavian Airline reviews and this reviewer caught my attention when he said “I had not flown SAS for a few years, on my recent business class trips from Frankfurt to Stockholm then from Stockholm to London on SAS I realized this is no longer a full service airline. Paying business class fares for a budget experience is silly, will make sure to avoid this airline whenever possible or downgrade to economy if there is no other option.” she gave the airline a 2 out of 10 rating by

She ended her review with an editor’s comment saying SAS call themselves full service but the on board product is really, like you say, low cost. The competition in the market place almost forced them to be this way to allow them to remain competitive and indeed survive.”

Contact information

  • Website URL:        
  • Contact number:             +46 8 797 0000 / 0770 727 727
  • Contact Email:      
  • Fax Number:                   +46 8 797 1515
  • Head Office Address:      Kabinvaegen 5, Arlanda, 19587 Stockholm, Sweden

Final Thoughts
I got a little inquisitive and read some Scandinavian Airlines reviews, the airline is remarkably outstanding in this kind and I learned another lesson in this review that “Teamwork divides the task but multiplies the success.” Have you try to fly with Scandinavian Airlines? Feel free to share me your experience below.



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  1. Scandinavian had been really a pioneer to this kind of business. However maybe in time they can improve or get old. Depends on how they’ll accommodate their loyal customers.

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