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The sun is up and all you can see is sand and deserts. Arabic culture is not just all about Muslims and the Islamic sacred place of Mecca and Medina. In the realm of aviation, the arabian had already made a mark. So fasten your seatbelt, let us see how Saudi Arabian Airlines will differ. Let us relax in the comfort of their world class lounges!

When it all started…
Saudi Arabian Airlines was founded in 1945. It all started with a gift by the U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a single twin-engine DC-3 (Dakota) HZ-AAX given to the Saudi Arabia’s King by then was Abdul Rahman Al Saud. A few months later this was followed by two more purchases of DC-3s and from then on makes a name in the field of aviation.

As of now, the Saudi Arabian airlines has three significant leaders. Chairman Sulaiman Alhamdan graduated in Business Administration from King Saud University, Director-General Saleh Aljasser is a master’s degree holder in Business Management from King Saud University, and the new Chief Executive Officer Abdulmohsen Jonaid.

Saudi Arabian Airlines Review - Sulaiman Alhamdan
Sulaiman Alhamdan







Saudi Arabian Airlines Review - Saleh Aljasser
Saleh Aljasser

The three of them recently held a meeting last February 2015. Mr. Alhamdan talked about the improvement of the performance and enhancing the services of the Airlines. Mr. Al-Jasser showed the performance of the Airlines in 2013, being said the increase of customers are less than in 2014

Saudi Arabian Airlines Review - Meeting
Did you know?
Saudi Arabian Airlines was abbreviated to its English brand name Saudia. The airline is the national flag carrier of Saudi Arabia with a fleet size of 119. The airline’s main hub is at Jeddah-King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED) and in coalition with SkyTeam on the 29th of May 2012, the name was changed back to Saudi Arabian Airlines as a celebration of the alliance.

“Welcome to your world” is Saudi Arabian Airlines company slogan.

The Saudi Arabian Airlines have received numerous local and international awards since the 1980s till up to the most recent was in 2004 for Silver MENA Travel Award by Best ME & NA Airlines. They moved down to 84th spot for this year’s The World’s Top 100 Airlines from being 77th last year.

Customer satisfaction is their top priority. The Saudi Arabian Airlines has three classes: First Class, Business Class, Guest Class.


  • The First Class customers receive the traditional Arabic greeting “Ahlan Wasahlan” which means “Welcome. My home is your home!”, and the traditional soup is also offered. Sleeping suits are given so they can change, feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • The Business Class customers are offered with Arabic, Western, or a choice of vegetarian foods. The traditional soup is also offered in this class. Overnight kits are given for the personal care of their passengers.
  • The Guest Class is pretty much similar to the business class however differ in terms of accommodation. Because business class customers need more personal space.

All classes have the in-flight entertainment. All seats have monitors and differ on screen size depending on class. The in-flight entertainment provides over 12 audio stations and many video games to select from.

The Guest Class customers are allowed to carry one piece of luggage weighing 25 kg maximum. In which the First Class & Business Class customers are allowed up to two pieces of luggage with the same maximum weight of 25 kg.

One of the services of Saudi Arabian Airlines is the Alfursan.

It is a program that offers benefits and privileges to make their customer’s travels more rewarding thru Reward Miles, this can be redeemed for free flights and upgrades. To see detailed information about this program, click here.

The Official and Mobile Website
The interface of Saudi Arabian Airlines official website is pleasant to the eyes. It will mainly show their customers the latest deals and offers best during the season. The top right of the page gives you two options to select your country and language. The website’s function provides you the option to book a flight/hotel, manage your booking, check-in online, and flight status. The secondary options in thumbnails show information to special travel needs, the airlines services, and to check your membership with Alfursan.
Saudi Arabian Airlines Review - Official Website

The Saudi Arabian Airlines doesn’t have a mobile app to download. However, they have the mobile site and interactive sms services, to learn more about how it works, click here.

What customers are saying
The Saudi Arabian Airlines doesn’t receive much reviews. But the most recent ones make you want to have a ride. One reviewer said “It isn’t the best airline, definitely not and far from it. But I have no problem using them locally and internationally if it has direct flights to my destination” However, some reviews are commenting to attendants who can’t speak good English and food which was nearly indelible as one reviewer said from

Customer Service
The Saudi Arabian Airlines has a Sales Call Center that you can reach at different numbers depending on the customer’s country. For the list, click here.

They are really focused on customer service and they personalize part of the website to assist customer’s concern such as technical support, public information, career information. To get a better overview of this customer service thumbnails, click here.

Self Service Kiosk Support is one of the airlines self service machine where you can check-in and get a ticket on your own and quickly. These machines are found in several airports, sales offices in Saudia, and Government offices. The kiosks work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Contact information

  • Website URL:             
  • Contact number:                 +966 2 686 0000
  • Contact Email:          
  • Fax Number:                       +966 2 686 2006
  • Head Office Address:          PO Box 620, CC 181, LOC 130, Jeddah. 21231, Saudi Arabia

In this Saudi Arabian Airlines review, the airline is up to maintaining their consistent rank in the Airline Industry. They vow to expand operations in the next five years. We can expect efficiency at its finest for they are really open to expanding and enhancing their airline capabilities.

I hope you had a safe flight Sahibi! Feel free to leave a comment below.




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