San Francisco International Airport Reviews
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San Francisco International Airport Reviews-#OTWOLI know that the series itself doesn’t explain much about the international airport, but thanks to #OTWOL, I was able to learn more about SFO, let us share this information we gathered about San Francisco International Airport.

San Francisco International Airport Reviews of Passengers
According to 106 San Francisco International Airport reviews, the international airport has a total score of 4/10. But the latest comments posted about the services and overall experience with SFO say that they’re pretty good and travellers don’t mind travelling in/out of there again. A reviewer from United Kingdom gave San Francisco International Airport an 8/10 score when he mentioned that the check-in was painless and quick, he even compared SFO’s security as way better than Boston’s.

Another traveller from Australia shared her experience with San Francisco International Airport, she said: (She gave the airport a 9/10 rating score)

“Arrived at San Francisco international Terminal at 8am after long flight from Sydney. Quickly through immigration which was well organised with bags appearing a little time later. Selected for customs search which was also quick and courteous. Bag drop queue non existent. Through pre TSA at T3 without delays. From landing to waiting at the gate for our ongoing flight in T3 around 45 minutes. SFO certainly had its act together on this occasion.”

San Francisco International Airport Reviews-art-museum

There’s no specific or organized location of the information desks throughout the airport. But at least it’s good to know they are found all over the terminals. To keep passengers fresh, shower room facilities are available in San Francisco International Airport, which are located in the Freshen’ Up International Terminal at landside-level G-Main Hall and cost $15 for the Deluxe Shower and $8 for the Standard Shower. Aside from these common airport facilities, SFO has a museum that has a total of 40 exhibitions featuring cultural, art, historical and scientific topics.

For food & beverage and shopping stores in each terminal:

  • Terminal 1: 9 food and beverage establishments and 8 shopping stalls.
  • Terminal 2: 11 food and beverage establishments and 13 shopping stalls.
  • Terminal 3: 26 food and beverage establishments and 33 shopping stalls.
  • International Terminal: 20 food and beverage establishments and 35 shopping stalls.
  • Rental Car Center: 1 food establishment (Marina’s Café)

*To see an overview of San Francisco International Airport “Shop, Dine & Relax”, click here. This page will also give you the list of the following stores and shops mentioned in the list above.

Stay connected with the Free WiFi at San Francisco International Airport, to get connected just choose “sfo Free WiFi”. Consumption of WiFi will be free as long as you’re in SFO.

As San Francisco International Airport stated, getting to and from the airport is very easy. Yes, because they made convenient ways for transportation, but SFO prefers travellers to use public transit whenever possible and here are some of the choices customers can choose from:

  • BART rapid rail connects SFO to San Mateo County, San Francisco and the East Bay.
  • Caltrain commuter rail also serves SFO (take BART to Millbrae and transfer).
  • SamTrans bus routes KX, 292, 397 and 398 link SFO to San Mateo County, San Francisco and Palo Alto.

Here’s a direction guide with a map either by driving, bus, walking or biking. Click here to start getting actual directions powered by Google Maps.
San Francisco International Airport Reviews-AirTrain
SFO also understands that they are not just a small airport,  that’s why they were generous enough for a transportation that can get travellers all over the airport in minutes with “AirTrain”. To learn more about how to get around San Francisco International Airport via AirTrain, click here.

Location – Traffic – Service
The state-owned international airport is situated 13 miles south of downtown San Francisco, California near Millbrae and San Bruno in unincorporated San Mateo County. SFO is the main hub for United Airlines and Virgin America, and serves domestic and international routes to 10 nonstop destinations (Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Seattle, New Jersey, Denver, San Diego, Dallas and Phoenix).

In 2015, San Francisco International Airport had accommodated a total of 33 million passengers making a 5.2% increase compared to last year’s 4.9 increase.

Being the largest airport in San Francisco and the second busiest in California, in 2014 SFO was listed as the 25th busiest airport in the world by passenger count. San Francisco International Airport has four runways and terminals.

Airport/Terminal Map
San Francisco International Airport Reviews-map1
San Francisco International Airport Reviews-map2

To know what’s hot and what’s not on the current news and latest update about the airport, follow this link:

Contact Information:

  • San Francisco International Airport Reviews-logoAirport Code:               SFO
  • Phone Number:           +1 650-821-8211
  • Website URL:     
  • Address:                       San Francisco, CA 94128, United States

It is quite obvious that San Francisco International Airport has a lot to offer, because they are more than just an airport. They actually deserve an at least 8/10 rating from the overall facts that we gathered.

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