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The wholly government-owned flag carrier of Brunei traces its roots back to November 1974, which is 41 years ago. They initially started with a fleet of two Boeing 737-200. However, they had their first inaugural flight in May 1975 to Singapore.  The reason why the first flight was after 6 months is because the airport (Brunei International Airport) was just newly built by then.
aircraftNow, Royal Brunei Airlines has 10 aircraft consisting of (6) Airbus A320-200 and (4) Boeing 787-8 which cater a total of 16 destinations internationally. The airline is still owned by the government of Brunei and headquartered in the RB Plaza in Bandar Seri Begawan. To get the latest and updated news about the airline, click here.

Brunei InFlight Services
Royal Brunei Airlines has two cabin classes: Economy and Business Class.

Royal Brunei Airlines Reviews-entertainmentEconomy Class – passengers get to experience elegance kind of services with Royal Brunei Airlines. This includes the IMPIAN entertainment system that gives access to classic Hollywood films and offers a wide selection of music and TV series. The system has a Eco 9 inch personal touch screen. Meals on board are prepared carefully since they believed that dining on air should be comfortable and healthy. Just a reminder, all meals are halal (denoting or relating to meat prepared as prescribed by Muslim law.)

Royal Brunei Airlines Reviews-business classBusiness Class – The world-class boutique airline offers a more spacious business class which features contour seats that fully recline to a flat bed with 11% larger surface than the in-flight beds of most aircrafts. This provides optimum comfort for a peaceful rest. If compared with the Economy Class, the inflight entertainment 15.4-inch touchscreen has obviously a wider screen size compared to the other class, but can also has access to classic Hollywood films, and offers a wide selection of music and TV series.

The Website Services
Royal Brunei Airlines Reviews-page
The page doesn’t give away the overall performance of the airline since their official site is modernized and easy to navigate.  It automatically shows the options to search flights, managing and check-in online booking, hotel reservations and car rental services. Scrolling further down will show lists of special deals and offers from different destinations.

The page provides information about the Royal Brunei Airlines’ services, policies, deals and even their frequent flyer program “Royal Skies

Royal Brunei Airlines Reviews of Passengers
According to 287 Royal Brunei Airlines reviews, the national airline of Brunei had really been consistent with their elegant kind of services either economy or business class. Even if the airline only offers halal meals, no customer had yet commented that the meals are inedible yet deliciously prepared. Just so you know, Royal Brunei Airlines is an alcohol-free flight service which was a plus to some teetotaller. Through all of these, the airline had an overall score of 7/10 according to Skytrax’s
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:             
  • Contact Number:                 +673 2 240 500
  • Contact Email:           
  • Fax Number:                        +673 2 233 091
  • Head Office Address:           RBA Plaza Jalan Sultan, PO Box 737, Bandar Seri Begawan,
                                                BS8811, Brunei

Even if Royal Brunei Airlines had been operating for 4 decades, they never cease to amaze travellers who are flying with them. I am hoping in due time to see their name as part of Skytrax’s World’s Top 100 Airlines. Because they deserve to be considered as one of the best. Brunei might be just a little nation at the island of Borneo, but obviously had shown a lot compared to other major airlines nowadays.

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  1. Flight from London to Auckland via Dubai and Bandar Seri Begawan. Boeing 777 clean well maintained and nice to see crew cleaning the toilets regularly. Staff attentive and friendly and more than enough food and soft drinks. It was nice to break up the journey to NZ with 3 legs and I will use this airline again.

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