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Routehappy Reviews - Robert Albert
Robert Albert

Routehappy traces its roots back to 2011 by an American internet entrepreneur Robert Albert as the founder and his co-founder, data architect Adam Gwosodof. Mr. Albert said “Airlines are investing heavily in product enhancements and air travel has never offered more differentiated products and services in its history. But, flight search aggregation remains about price and schedule. This makes it too hard for flyers to understand and value their disparate options – and doesn’t give the entire industry an effective way to merchandise and promote their differentiated products and services.”


Routehappy was consecutively nominated as “World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website” by World Travel Awards and also in 2014 as an honoree for The Webby Awards. The travel meta search engine raised $1.5 million in funding. The idea of the “Happiness factor” came from a competition against Hipmunk’s “agony” service. Sounds like a direct assault, I wonder what Hipmunk says about this?

Routehappy is an online travel agency that helps travels search or manage their flights, headquartered in New York with over 50 employees and partnered with Expedia, Google, Kayak, United Airlines and Serko. The interface is pretty simple with white and blue colors and changing mottos every time you refresh the page.

In this review I tried searching flights from Vancouver, Canada to Tokyo, Japan and dates are from November 9 to 13.
resultsThe search result page show a list of airlines with Happiness factor rating, prices, duration, aircraft, entertainment and inflight connections. Good thing about Routehappy is that the results can be customized or sorted to happiest, cheapest, fastest and more filtered result of nonstops or happy & cheap.

To grasp more of their services, scroll down and customers will see the “Check it out” button, this will direct them to another page. Our products page educates travelers how Routehappy works, what do the icons mean and other partnership services that Routehappy offers.


commentsI am wondering why Trustpilot, TripAdvisor and/or ConsumerAffairs don’t have Routehappy reviews or comments? Isn’t it suspicious that this site doesn’t have even praises or feedback? Can it be that, no one had used the site? Or no one had dared to use the Routehappy? Yes, I can see other Routehappy reviews like mine but they are also doubtful about the no-comment-from-customers fact about Routehappy. Even those Routehappy reviews, are not recommending travelers to use Routehappy for their future travel plans.
Contact information

  • Website URL:            
  • Contact number:                 343 388 0787
  • Contact Email:          
  • Fax Number:                       480 624 2598
  • Head Office Address:          175 Varick Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY, USA 10014

Advice to Revise
This online travel agency claiming that “All flights are not created equal” looks promising but I am still doubtful to use them, I might prefer using Hipmunk and FlightHub over them. Of course, not all flights are the same, that’s the reason why travelers look for the best airfare and check reviews to be sure if they are flying with a promising and legit flight. But in this case, Routehappy only has the promising factor but not the legit one. I am hoping Mr. Albert will see this review and at least explain where had the comments went?

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  1. I think that these reviews of yours are useful in that I am sure that there actually ARE people who search here for reviews/experiences of third party sites. If there were just one or two complaints they could be overlooked, since we all know that even the best of companies occasionally have disgruntled customers.

    • Well said Liza. Well, we can’t avoid unwanted circumstances. Now you just have to make sure if the company is good at compensating or coping up with their mistakes. And prior to that they should know how to humbly admit their errors too.

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