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Regional Express was established back in 2002 by former employees of a major Australian airline group, Ansett Australia. These employees created Australiawide Airlines and had acquired Hazelton Airlines & Kendell Airlines, merged it and started operating as Rex (Regional Express). The airline that offers scheduled regional services in Australia had grown slowly by acquiring Air Link in 2005 and its continuous expansion in time.
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Now, Regional Express has 49 SAAB aircraft in fleet一the world’s largest fleet of twin turboprop engined Saab 340 passenger aircraft of all versions – and caters routes to 54 destinations. To see the full list of the airline’s destinations, click here.

The airline carries the company slogan “Our heart is in the country” while operating in 6 bases: Adelaide Airport, Melbourne Airport, Sydney Airport, Townsville Airport, Cairns Airport and Perth Airport.


Regional Express Services

inflightOn board, passengers are allowed to use personal electronic devices, but only in certain circumstances. Electronic devices weighing less than 1 kg (eg: mobile phones) can be used on board but in airplane mode during all stages of flight.

Devices more than 1kg (eg: laptop) are permitted to be used only when the fasten seatbelt sign is switched off.  Please be notified that these devices should be turned off and securely stowed once the fasten seatbelt sign is switched on. All personal electronic devices cannot be used while crossing the runway.

A cabin safety information card is available in each seat for passengers to read and be knowledgeable about the safety precautions while flying with Regional Express. There were not much info online or on their official site regarding inflight experience, but from Regional Express reviews, we learned passengers are greeted by the captain and solo flight attendant. Passengers are served with tea, coffee or water and offered a savoury or sweet snack. Spacious and comfortable seat configuration (2-1) is also shown in this image we got about the inflight view of Regional Express.

PC and Mobile Services

The official website’s design is outdated, and often times some customers run into dead links while looking for support. Travellers are complaining about the overall layout and functionality of the site, since it’s confusing and the font size can’t be changed. Whenever they try to call for support to workaround the page, the customer service line was always busy.
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The official page majorly focuses on the airline’s policies and procedures. The official promptly promotes their hot fare deals and airline achievements. They even have a moving map of all the destinations offered by Regional Express.

Unfortunately, Regional Express isn’t very mobile-friendly, as it does not yet have an Android or an iOS application. However, customers can access their mobile site by using their smartphones and surfing the same link for

Regional Express Reviews of Passengers

Regional Express Reviews-happy passengerAccording to 42 Regional Express reviews, the Australian regional airlines had garnered a total score rating of 6/10. Another good thing about this, Regional Express is getting positive feedback and acknowledgements lately. Most recent reviews are recommending the airline and the rest had even considered this as an excellent little airline.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:            
  • Contact Number:                13 17 13  (within Australia)
                                               +61 2 6393 5550 (outside Australia)
  • Contact Email:          
  • Fax Number:                       +61 2 6393 5598
  • Head Office Address:          PO Box 807, Mascot, New South Wales, 1460, Australia


Even if Regional Express isn’t one of the best airlines in the world, they had evidently provided good services for their passengers. This small but efficient regional airline had limited information online yet had been popular through its loyal customers. Plus the Regional Express reviews were enough to convince other tourists to definitely fly with them again.

Have you flown with Regional Express? Feel free to leave a comment below.



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  1. Yes I have to agree. I mean Rex has an excellent product but it should be focusing on regional routes. The simple fact is we are largely a “Qantasised” nation now and that’s all there is to it. Alan Hume is right it’s all about power and prestige and status (And sucking up to George W). What a self-centred bureaucracy this is turning int

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