Qatar Airways Reviews

Qatar Airways really lives up to its name as the “best airline in the world.” Founded on November 22, 1993, Qatar Airways has provided excellent travel services to millions of people worldwide and In 2013, became a member of Oneworld alliance. Qatar airways entire service is truly spot on, from quick access booking flights, to providing the best facilities inside air vessels. Skytrax recently announced the top 100 airline’s in the world, Qatar Airways reigned as the top airline of them all with 156 fleets, offering a total of 146 destinations.

“World’s 5-star airlines”

Qatar Airways Reviews

This is Qatar Airways slogan, and to be honest, it’s quite true from what I could find. Processing flights is quick and easy, checking-in can be done in a breeze, the planes are clean and very pleasant on the eyes. Every single seat is spacious and comfortable. All of the supplies, foods, and beverages provided to passengers is top of the line. Just Imagine an aircraft with the brilliant features of a 5-star hotel!

Efficient Website access

The Qatar Airways website doesn’t only provide convenience when booking a flight, but also full control of your flight status. Each customer has the freedom to pick their own seat and meals. This simplicity and flexibility is present all the time.

Qmiles and the Privilege Club membership

Qatar Airways Qmiles Review

Qmiles are points earned by Qatar Airways passengers to serve as incentives for their loyalty. Qmiles benefits are categorized by 4 Privilege Club tiers; Burgundy, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The higher your tier, the more benefits you’ll enjoy. But each tier already offers a wide variety of benefits; like free lounge access, discounts for excess baggage, and priority boarding. Qmiles are distributed not only to Qatar airways passengers, but to Oneworld affiliate airlines as well. An individual member can even nominate one of their family members to reap the same benefits.

Mobile Application

Qatar Airways Mobile App Reviews

To expand on the efficiency of their service, Qatar airways designed a mobile application to establish a better and faster connection for their customers. Flight status can be easily checked through a timetable search.

Customer Reviews

We hope you enjoyed these Qatar Airways Reviews. With the integrity and dedication of the company and everyone behind it, many customers have been expressing their gratitude through positive reviews. Most feedback was about the proper organization of facilities and crews. There are of course some unavoidable bad reviews about passengers having a rough time during their flight, however,  Qatar Airways is without a doubt, the best airline in the world.


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The best airline indeed.


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  1. I’m glad that my first flight was with Qatar. I was riding economy, the attendants were very polite and attentive, I was even jealous how fluent they are with english. But all in all, the seat was alright, didn’t feel tight at all, the food was enough, and thank God that the guy sitting next to me was very quiet and still. Anyways, great job to Qatar, and someday I want to experience First class (if i have enough money).

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