“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Through travelling people experience different things with different kinds of people. There are those who prefers to stay where they feel safe, there’s nothing wrong with that, but there is something wrong about being afraid for something new.

Origins and Ownership

Qantas Airways was founded on November 16th, 1920 by four visionaries, Fergus McMaster, Hudson Fysh, Paul McGuiness and Arthur Braid. The current CEO of the airline is Alan Joyce, 49 years old, born on June 30, 1966. in Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland. Joyce was appointed on November, 2008 as the CEO and Managing Director of Qantas.

Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce
Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce

What people are saying

According to online reviews, Qantas seems to be doing a good job in maintaining their entire service. Most of the customers said that they loved Qantas and decided to fly with the airline again. According to reviews, Qantas in flight service is very good, from comfortable seats, attentive flight attendants all the way to good food and flavourful drinks.

Things were different for this one guy, he said “Disappointing, check-in was slow, supposedly a premium airline, I don’t think so.” Not all passengers are going to be happy, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Maybe, there are good and bad days for airlines, but consistency needs to be maintained.

The Website

The Qantas main interface allows customers to search for available flights, book them and then check in. Customers can also check flight status and manage their bookings. Hotel and car rental arrangements can be easily managed through the website, a unique feature is their activities booking. Customers can plan their travel activities like scuba diving or sightseeing through the website.

Qantas website
Qantas website

Affordable deals for flights and travel activities are presented. They also provide travel advice to help travelers make better decisions.

Mobile App

To make a more convenient way of flying, Qantas created their own mobile application for iPhone, Android and Windows. Through the app, customers can receive notifications about their flights, see directions to the airport, check in, choose their seat and more.

Customer Service

Qantas provides a 24/7 phone support for complaints and questions.Their website has its own FAQs page, customers can easily open questions accompanied with answers from the company. The company has a feature called Red Email, customers can create an account and can easily receive emails about flight offers and travel reviews.


Qantas has a total of 4 classes, first class, business class, premium economy and economy.


First Class

Qantas offers a new level of inflight comfort with seats that can be converted to a fully-flat out bed complete with pillows, blankets, duvet and sheepskin mattress. There is a control mechanism at the end of each armrest to move your seat, leg rest and lumbar position.  

Business Class

Skybed, this is what they call their award winning seats. Each seat has a wide set of adjustments according to your liking to experience full comfort. A massage function and personal light is included with all seats in the business class.

Premium Economy Class

The ergonomic seats in their economy class was designed by Marc Newson and built by recaro. Each seat has a multi-way adjustable headrest and wide seat.

Economy Class

Passengers can fully relax with ergonomically designed seats with built in lumbar support and adjustable headrest and seat recline.

Food and Beverages

Rockpool and Qantas teamed up to provide an excellent on board dining with signature dishes designed by Neil Perry and prepared with fresh ingredients.

Economy passengers have the opportunity to taste authentic dishes like spiced lamb koftas with tomato, Riverina feta and roast potatoes and more.

In Flight Entertainment

First class passengers can enjoy movies, tv programs, interactive games and radio channels through a 17 inch touch screen for A380 aircrafts and 10.4 inch touch screen with B747 with noise cancelling-headphones. Each passenger has their own personal telephone for whatever they may need assistance with and a 110v AC power outlet for your devices like laptops or smartphones.


Qatar Airlines provides enough baggage allowance for each passenger according to their class. For International flights (excluding North and South America):

  • First class – 50kg
  • Business class – 40kg
  • Premium Economy-40kg
  • Economy-30kg

For International flights (North and South America)

  • First class-3 pieces up to 32kg each
  • Business class-3 pieces up to 32kg each
  • Premium economy class- 2 pieces up to 23kg
  • Economy class-2 pieces up to 23kg

For more information about baggage allowance, click here.


Qantas’ headquarters is located in Mascot, New South Wales, Australia, the airline has three main hubs, Brisbane Airport, Melbourne Airport and Sydney Airport. Qantas fleet size is 117 aircrafts including the Qantas A330, Qantas A380, Qantas B787 etc. Qantas is among the members of OneWorld alliance.

Qantas A380 in action
Qantas A380 in action, Spirit of Australia

Qantas is Australia’s favourite Domestic and International airline according to TripAdvisor in 2015. They also received the award for best premium economy class from 2015 Business Traveller Middle East Awards.

Here’s the contact info for Qantas.

  • Website URL:http://www.qantas.com.au/travel/airlines/home/au/en
  • Contact number:(02) 812 0607
  • Head Office Address:Qantas Airways, 10 Bourke Road, Mascot, New South Wales, 2020, Australia


Qantas is the largest australian airline and is the tenth best airline in the world according to SkyTrax. The airline seems to be somewhere in the middle when it comes to customer satisfaction. There’s no telling what will happen to Qantas in the future, but right now, their situation is stable and will surely too improve.

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