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PSA Airlines was initially known as Vee Neal Airlines after the owner Vee Neal Frey in 1980 and it started with a Cessna 402, though after receiving 6 Jetstream aircraft, the airline was rebranded to Jetstream International Airlines in December 1983. In order to protect the trademark of the defunct Pacific Southwest Airlines which was once a large carrier on the West Coast and was acquired by USAir, Jetstream International Airlines was once renamed to PSA Airlines in 1995.
PSA Airlines Reviews-inflightNow, PSA Airlines is headquartered at Dayton International Airport in Vandalia, Ohio with a fleet size of 108 Bombardier aircraft serving 569 daily flights in 68 destinations. The regional airline flies under the American Eagle brand for American Airlines. Only one incident record happened with PSA Airlines wherein one of their aircraft overran the runway at Yeager Airport in West Virginia. Luckily, no one was injured.

Flying with PSA Airlines

PSA Airlines’ mission is to always deliver satisfied customers to their destination, safely and on time. They are committed to growing their company where passion is shared, professional excellence is expected, from all people一customers and employees.
American Airlines
With a fleet of Bombardier CRJ aircraft, PSA Airlines can carry from 50 to 90 passengers on board. As mentioned earlier, PSA Airline serves as a regional airline for American Airlines. In a nutshell, it follows all American Airlines’ policies inflight. Booking, refunds, ticket management and special needs are done on the official website of American Airlines.

It is quite noticeable that their official site promotes more on employment than air carrier services. The main page shows flashing images of career paths, hiring information and employment programs. The site also entices more employees with their pilot success story videos.
PSA Airlines Reviews-pageTheir official website shows a lot more about the airlines vision, mission  and history though they also provide the latest news and updates within the airline shown at the bottom left of the main page. To sum it up, flight information are found on the American Airlines website.

PSA Airlines Reviews of Passengers

After looking for PSA Airlines reviews online, what we found are all from Glassdoor which only means these PSA Airlines reviews are from their flight attendants, pilots or crew. Since PSA Airlines is more keen on improving their employment, then we’ll be basing this section on Glassdoor feedback. Majority of the crew who commented are on a positive note giving PSA Airlines an overall score of 3/5. One reviewer on May 3, 2016 even said:

“Great Company, free flight benefits, medical benefits, great pay for a regional airline, wholly owned/subsidiary, great management and fair to employees”
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:          
  • Contact Number:              +1 800-235-0986 / +1 937 454 11 16
  • Contact Email:        
  • Fax Number:                    +1 937 454 58 28
  • Head Office Address:       3400 Terminal Drive, Vandalia, Ohio, 45377, USA


After writing this review about PSA Airlines, I am quite convinced that the regional airline is slightly making progress starting with its management or employees. Doing an upgrade from within is a good strategy to completely fix all things. Who knows, your next flight might be with PSA Airlines; if that will happen, feel free to share your experience below.



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  1. Great Company, free flight benefits, medical benefits, great pay for a regional airline, wholly owned/subsidiary, great management and fair to employees

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