Priceline Negotiator Reviews

Started in 1997 by Jay Walker, was then and still now most famous for its characteristic and most certainly exclusive offer of “Name Your Own Price”. A record breakthrough was made during its first public offering, with $12.9 billion earnings at the first day of business. Since then, it has grown and budded into one of the most successful airline travel companies of today. The company functions like a travel agency, providing you the basic information you need for your travel to the desired destination. Hope you will enjoy this Priceline reviews that we made in 2015.

The Name Your Own Price Feature

Bidding is the rule. This deal involves some of the jaw dropping discounts on the flights, with the cards reaching up to as much as forty percent. In our experience, a ten percent discount is proudly flaunted by the concerned company; giving away 40 percent of the charges seems to be another universe entirely. Furthermore, with this deal, you can bid and set a price of your own choice, something which was never possible before Priceline entered the arena and which is never possible with any of the other travel agencies. This degree of freedom speaks for the reputation of the company itself. And if this wasn’t enough, the company puts a lock over your information, preventing the others from stealing your bid.

Other Deals

Well, there are many other offers as well. Among them the last minute offers are particularly famous. We all know that every single one of us is busy, and every single one of us has to travel in an emergency situation to someplace sometime. Booking at the eleventh hour is a hassle of its own. Priceline simplifies the procedure by simply asking you to fill the slots with the information and then bid on the prices. Yes, you can even save money on emergency flights.

Then there are weekend deals and flights. If you bid at least a week before on them, you get a high chance of saving half or more than half of the original money. Now that is interesting, right? Priceline has brought together all the customers through the “Name Your Own Price” feature and helped its own scope grow as all types of people communicate and interact with them.  One of the reasons that the Flights Reviews team decided to do a Priceline reviews in 2015.


The navigation through the website is easier than one would think. Unlike most others, all the information has not been crammed on to a single page. Although this method has been used by most of the air travel companies, Priceline employs a different approach. The information is distributed under subheadings throughout the website and while moving through them, you feel like you are following signs on a map. Furthermore, the website has been written in a very simple, yet effective language. You can search in any direction you want, either from the city you have to depart or from the city you want to land. Both options are available on the website.


Gathered from the online polls and the user reviews, the company is particularly famous for the low costs at which the flights can be booked, thanks to the “name your own price” feature. Furthermore, the business is conducted in quite a friendly manner, the website echoing the cooperative and friendly environment rather than the intimidating professional aura that would cause your wallet to ache. The customer care and the answering of queries have also been deemed satisfactory by the majority of the customers.

Finally, the conclusion can be reached that the company has not only proved itself to be feasible for the customers, the proof of almost 12 billion dollars speaking for itself, but has also been an interesting company, thanks to the creativity of Jay Walker.




  1. I booked our flights a month ago, everything was done. 3 days prior to our flight, Priceline sent me an email saying our flight was cancelled. I tried to call the customer service regarding the late notifications, the representative said they were very busy for the past few days, I booked my flight 3 weeks ago. Thanks a lot Priceline!

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