Porter Airlines Reviews

Porter Airlines is the recipient of the Skytrax award for best regional airline in North America for two straight years, 2014 and 2015.

Porter is not that big compared to giant airlines like Air Canada but when it comes to providing travel services, Porter is truly on the top list of best airlines in Canada.

On February 2nd, 2006, Porter airlines was founded and after some major preparations, they were in business on October 26, 2006.

Porter Airlines’ main hub is the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, located in the Toronto, Islands. Being a regional airline, Porter’s fleet size only includes 26 airliners. Porter’s operations is only for Ontario and Toronto offering 21 trip destinations for only Canada and USA.

Robert Deluce is the current CEO of Porter airline and is also an executive for Air Ontario and other airlines.

Robert Deluce, CEO of Porter Airlines
Robert Deluce, CEO of Porter Airlines

Porter was acknowledged by many passengers for their excellent services in all factors. The website interface is user-friendly and every customer finds it easy to manipulate when they are booking for flights and other travel arrangements. The established communication between Porter and its customers is very active through their website. Business is really good for Porter these days.

Passengers also appreciate the warm, kind, and caring service of the crew from security guards to the attendants. Porter is also known for serving good eats and drinks with tasty snacks. The lounges of the airline had free wifi with a fast connection speed. Another pleasant thing was they provide free coffee and cookies, a delightful treat indeed.

Porter also offers a bus ride from Royal York Hotel to the ferry dock at the foot of Bathurst Street. Porter dispatches Blue Bird Corporation Ultra LFs to assist passengers in reaching their destination on land quickly.

Value for Money

Porter offers affordable prices, they strive hard to maintain good quality and quantity to gain and retain loyal customers. Fortunately, they did manage to earn many people’s trust.

It is very possible for Porter to expand in the near future. But right now, it is doing a great job as a travel services provider for Toronto and Ontario.

Charity services

To make things even better, Porter offers charitable support. A charity can submit an online application following these requirements;

  • The exact request of Porter
  • Key event details, including venue, attendees, cause, etc.
  • An alignment with the Porter brand
  • Category exclusivity (i.e. no other transportation provider)
  • Full details of recognition and promotion offered to Porter, including logo placement, printed materials and advertising, live mentions, social media, etc.
  • A list of sponsors who have committed to date
  • Event timeline, highlighting important deadlines (print, etc.)
  • A commitment to provide a written post-event summary (e.g., how much money was raised)

There are also policy’s presented to be followed;

  • Be for a registered charity or not-for-profit organization
  • Be submitted with a minimum of 60 days notice prior to the event
  • Address a community need and provide direct impact to the community served
  • Support local needs in Porter-served communities
  • Be complete

This is really an admirable thing to do, Porter’s services don’t only apply to travelling by air but also helps those in need.

In a Nutshell

Porter Airlines Reviews

For nine years now, Porter Airlines has served their passengers with integrity. No doubt that the airline was voted as the best regional airline for two consecutive years. The way they do business is good and professional, amazing job for Porter. Bravo.



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