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Paradise beaches and islands where hospitable people live are the best places to relax, where Rhum is cheaper than juice. Don’t be afraid of the language barrier, because 90% of Filipinos speak English. Do you think the only means of transportation of Philippines are jeepneys? Think twice. Once you go PAL, you always go haul. Mabuhay! The Pearl of the Orient is making their way to the battlefield! Fly with the Asia’s first Airline!

Indecisive leader and not strategic move
The Philippine Airlines (PAL) was founded in February 26, 1941 by one of the Philippines’ leading industrialists, Mr. Andres Soriano and served as the airlines’ general manager at that time. The first flight initiated by a Beechcraft Model 18 NPC-54 between Manila and Baguio happened in March 15, 1941.

An 81 year old Chinese-Filipino businessman is the current CEO of Philippine Airlines, Dr. Lucio Tan. He is interested not only in airlines, but also in banking, liquor, tobacco, and real estate industries. He once said “PAL is more than an airline company for me. It goes beyond investing – it is like family. PAL is never far from my thoughts”, due to an incident in 2012, he sold half the stocks of the airline to his rival in the beer industry, San Miguel Corporation. This was said to be a wise move by Dr. Tan which has been in the airline industry for two decades and hadn’t made much growth for PAL. In 2014, he announced that he’s taking back the 49% he sold to gain back his reputation as PAL’s captain pilot in the airline industry.

Philippine Airlines Review - Lucio Tan CEO
Lucio Tan

Philippine  Airlines FACTS!
The Philippine Airlines is the national flag carrier of Philippines with a fleet size of 61; 14 Airbus A3201, 19 Airbus A321, 15 Airbus A330, 7 Airbus A340, and 6 Boeing 777. The airlines’ main hub is at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Though the airlines is not yet a member of any major alliance, however their president Jaime Bautista is looking forward to becoming a member of Star Alliance.

The Philippine Airlines was voted 90th Top Airline in 2013, by Skytrax World Airline Awards, and  the most recent was by PhilScan Travel in 2009 with a “Silver PAL Award-Metro Manila/Luzon Sales & Services”

Philippine Airlines Review - 90th Top Airline in 2013

Their president Mr. Jaime Bautista once said “So long as we work together to find ways to prosper in such unforgiving conditions, we will be able to steer through the dark clouds and emerge smarter, stronger, more efficient, and more productive.”

PAL services
The Philippine Airlines review, we see that PAL offers Travel Insurance for their passengers in case of unwanted accidents, sickness, lost baggage or delayed flights. The airline has two classes offered: The Economy and Business Class.

Philippine Airlines Review - Economy Class
Economy Class
Philippine Airlines Review - Business Class
Business Class

The whole cabin is equipped with a Panasonic eX2 as the airlines in-flight entertainment system. With this their customers have an access to full-library of videos and audio and includes 18 of recent Hollywood movies, a Filipino film, 8 popular TV programs, 12 radio channels and a selection of CD albums. Each seat has an AVOD (audio/video on demand) feature which also allows their passengers to create playlists. The system’s instruction is available in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Their customers transferring thru Manila on PAL and codeshare flights shall be accommodated with a free shuttle service of the airlines’ three terminals; NAIA Terminal 1,  Centennial Terminal 2 and the new Terminal 3.

Their in-flight meals and beverages come from a splendid selection of Western, Filipino and Japanese Kaiseki by airline’ food experts. The airline assures the foods quality by regularly inviting well-known culinary personalities as guest chefs.

Mabuhay Miles is the frequent flyer program of PAL. Their customers are given the privilege to earn Miles and use this to book a flight and improve their cabin experience by upgrading the class. Mabuhay Miles loyal customers can upgrade their membership to Elite, Premier Elite, and Million Miller. To learn more about their terms and condition, click here.

The Official Website
The interface of the Philippines Airlines official website is not confusing and is user friendly. It gives you the option at the top right to choose your language from English to Korean, Japanese, or Chinese. The website features include booking a flight or hotel, package, checking flight status, and FAQs. Their customers can also track and trace their cargo using the website. The section for knowing the latest offers and deals locally and internationally is located at the PAL Holidays, wherein it also provides you a wide range of options to book a hotel reservation for a reasonable price.

If their customer wants to receive the latest promo, deals, and offers via email, the Philippine Airlines has a subscription that will ask for an email address and followed by clicking the subscribe button.

The PAL Mobile site is now available, which allows customers to book a flight, book a hotel reservation, and check flight status. The airlines make sure customers payment information is secured using TLS encryption before sending their payment or personal information over the mobile site.

What people are saying
In this Philippine Airlines review, the national flag carrier of the Philippines receives high appraisal by their passengers. One recent review, the reviewer said “Had a really pleasant and good experience with PAL on my recent flights. The food was absolutely fine and I was kept full with regular meals. During the flights we were fed twice with an extra light hot-toastie type meal about an hour before landing. The air-stewards are not as active as on other flights, but if you needed any assistance they were quick and eager to help. Baggage was easy to collect and claim- no delays and flights actually arrived earlier than expected both times (about an hour before expected landing times.)” The reviewer gave the airlines a 9/10 rating from

Contact information

  • Website URL:                    
  • Contact number:                         +632 777 48 00
  • Contact Email:                  
  • Fax Number:                               +632 818 49 21
  • Head Office Address:                  PNB Financial Center, Pres. Diosdado Macapagal, CCP Complex, Pasay                                                          City, Philippines

In this Philippine Airlines review, they are still here today because they have proven a lot in this industry. Their success over the oil crisis didn’t hinder their goal in achieving their aim for efficient quality of service at a reasonable price. Good Luck in their future endeavors.

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  1. I am a foreigner who tried using Philippine Airlines recently. I love the flight attendants so much!
    Too bad to hear about Mr. Lucio Tan. However I will still recommend this airlines to my colleagues!
    Nice review!!!

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