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Pegasus Airlines’ company slogan states that “We Didn’t Start Aviation In Turkey, But We Transformed It” Too much for a low cost airline, wherein the flag carrier of their mother country, Turkish Airlines, said “Widen your world.”

Let us see how Pegasus Airlines applies their slogan to their services, have they really transformed anything

Origins and Ownership
Pegasus Airlines traces its roots back to the 1st of December 1989 when two companies teamed up with Aer Lingus to come up with a charter airline. The first inaugural flight of Pegasus Airlines via  2 Boeing 737 was in April 1990. Although, after the launch of the new charter air service, Turkey’s tourism was gravely affected when Iraq colonized Kuwait. This ended in 1992, when tourists felt safe travelling again.

Pegasus Airlines Reviews-Ali Sabanci
Ali Sabanci

Now, Pegasus Airlines has 65 aircraft serving over 100 destinations worldwide led by their Chairman, Ali Sabanci. He is a 46-year old Turkish businessman who never thought of being an aviation chairman. Prior to his year in the travel industry, Mr. Sabanci was a graduate of Tufts University, educated in political science and economics.

On Board Experience
Pegasus Airlines Reviews-on-board
Customers are giving mixed Pegasus Airlines reviews regarding the inflight service of the airline, one reviewer even said that the “” shown on the body of their aircraft stands for “Fly Pigs” because this was how he was treated in flight. Well, even though Pegasus Airline keeps receiving several negative feedback they are still accepting this as healthy criticism. The interior view of Pegasus Airlines’ cabin is pretty much similar to Spirit Airlines, Ryanair and other yellow-themed air services.

The Turkish low-cost air service is known for their delicious and well-prepared inflight meals. Though to avail this, travelers have to pre-order their extensive range of meals that includes chicken schnitzel, sushi, salads, gourmet breakfast dishes, cakes and even steak.

PC and Mobile version
Pegasus Airlines Reviews-mobile-app
The first time that I saw their official site, I thought they were an online travel agency. The layout and outdated formats look like some regular online travel meta search engine. However, on a positive note, the site selected yellow as the color theme which gives out a lively mood to travelers. In case customers don’t understand Turkish, the language selector is on the top left of the page which is interchangeable from English to 9 other languages.

Although, Pegasus Airlines reviews show that the airline’s mobile application is unreliable, I tried checking the travel app’s features and found out that the layout is far better than the PC version. The same features show on the homepage of the application, but I didn’t try to book. Maybe the Pegasus Airlines reviews encounter problems after or during bookings.

Pegasus Airlines Reviews and Feedback
The Turkish low-cost airline had gathered an overall score of 5/10 from Pegasus Airlines reviews, not a good way to look at the 2015’s “Europe’s Leading Regional Airline”. This means that the airline is struggling with its passenger satisfaction. Pegasus Airlines reviews say that they are unpleased with the airline’s negligence and they even considered Pegasus Airlines as one of their worst flight experiences they have ever ridden.

The most recent review on the 25th of November 2015 said “I had to book flight with Pegasus last minute to fly to Hurghada (via Istanbul) on 13th November 2015. What can I say, the reviews were bad but I had no choice but to purchase these tickets as my original ones to Sharm El Sheikh were cancelled. This is by far the worst airline you can fly with, they always have delays.

While I was coming back from Egypt my flight was delayed by 2 hours and in the end all the passengers were asked to carry their own baggage into the loading belt before entering the plane. I mean did I pay for my flight to be doing this? Poor in every way, I do not recommend this airline..” He gave the airline a rating score of 2/10 according to Skytrax’s
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Contact Information


  • Website URL:       
  • Contact number:            +90 216 560 70 00
  • Contact Email:     
  • Fax Number:                  +90 216 560 71 00
  • Head Office Address:     Aeropark Yenişehir Mah. Osmanlı Bulvarı No:11/A 34912 Kurtköy Istanbul / Turkey

To be honest, I will still prefer Turkish Airlines over Pegasus Airlines​, since they are the national airline they kept themselves humble. Pegasus Airlines​ focused on inflight meals over service, maybe they believed in the saying “The key to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Feel free to leave a comment below.



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  1. Flight cost £45 return each. Great value. Cabin crew efficient and friendly. New B737-800 nice leather seats and safety video. Inflight service efficient. Prices what you would expect. A fellow Turkish traveller says their domestic network is fantastic compared their international


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