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The joint venture between All Nippon Airways (ANA) and First Eastern Investment Group produced “A&F Aviation” in February 2011. Wherein they applied for an operating certificate in April and renamed to “Peach Aviation” in May of the same year. As pleasing as the livery and the uniform was designed they were made by Neil Denari (livery) and James Wilkie (uniform). Peach used to be headquartered in Aeroplaza but now moved to Kensetsu-to. The first inaugural flight took place on the 1st of March 2012 from Kansai to Sapporo. Just so you know, Peach has been one the successful low-cost airline startup within a year.
Peach Aviation Reviews-Shinichi Inoue
Now, Peach has a total fleet size of 17 Airbus A320-200 serving 16 destinations within Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. They intend to extend their network in Guam and Saipan; as their CEO, Mr. Shinichi Inoue had planned this since 2011.

However, in 2014, due to pilot shortage, Peach Aviation cancelled almost 2,000 flights. Since the target of 62 pilots by October, they only have 52 pilots as of April 2014 and eight were even sick and incapable of flying.

Peach Aviation Reviews-advertisementPeach Aviation Reviews and InFlight Services
The Japanese low-cost carrier is pretty generous with their advertisement. There are a lot of pictures of endorsement and promotions shown online about Peach Aviation. It exhibits the services on board like the hospitality and how flight attendants accommodate the passengers. Meals are prepared carefully that travelers can get a view of the flight menu from their official website.

Peach Aviation Reviews-inflightHowever, Peach Aviation reviews are not matching with the advertisement’s pretty picture of the airlines. Reviewers are saying that Peach has the most terrible customer service and they won’t definitely recommend the airline, One reviewer was mad when Peach cancelled her son’s flight without prior notice and never refunded the airfare. She had difficulties because she can’t reach any decent customer representative plus the fact there’s no contact email to reach to.

What really caught my attention was one reviewer actually made a blog online about her experience with Peach Aviation. Her review actually reached over 890 words just to share and narrate her story and frustration over the low-cost carrier. To see the blog, click here.

The Official Website
I am not quite sure how to rate or describe the official site of Peach Aviation. Because I am still wondering why the theme color of the airline is pink, wherein the livery is Peach? Maybe because Peach looks like a contrast of Pink. Well, moving forward, the page of Peach is pretty much outdated compared to other low-budget carrier. Some text on the page are too small that I can’t even read without zooming. On a positive note, every icon on the site is working and customers can book, manage and check their flights using the site alone.
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Contact information

overallIn A Nutshell
As evidently shown in Peach Aviation reviews, the airline might be good in business, but in terms of their current status with passengers, it is not as good as it looks like. But did you know that earlier this year, they are awarded by the Center for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) as “2015 Asia Pacific Low Cost Airline of the Year”?

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  1. The seats were comfortable for the short haul and the staff were friendly. The aircraft was brand new passenger welfare and safety was carried out diligently. For a low cost carrier I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to explore East Asia.

  2. Tokyo Narita to Osaka. Peach Aviation is a good budget airline, compared to some others used before. Easy to use self check in service at Tokyo airport. Flight left on time, cabin staff were polite and pleasant. The plane was clean, and seats were comfortable with a fair amount of leg room. One of the better, if not best budget airline I have travelled with.

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