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Basically, ParkSleepFly means Park at the hotel, Sleep soundly and Fly stress free. This is the definition of the company’s name. Thomas Lombardi Jr., is the great leader of ParkSleepFly and its sister company AirportParkingReservations in 2002 to serve the travelers with the excellent reservation services at economical prices. It is his leadership when both companies increased revenue by 215% after almost 5 years of annual revenue declines. They already have booked 939, 106 reservations at over 500 hotels now in 100 airports within the United States and Canada.

Why ParkSleepFly?
Personally, I love how the colorful ParkSleepFly was designed plus the ambiance of the background image gives customers a welcoming mood. They promptly show their main discount promo stated as “Get FREE airport parking when you stay one night at a hotel.” and it’s shown in the center of the page, next to the option to search and compare from hotel and parking packages. If consumers want to change the searching options, they just have to click the “more” icon at the top center and select the preferred category.
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ParkSleepFly also entices travelers to more destinations within the United States and Canada, they list the Top Cities travelled by tourist indicating their package price offer on top of the city image.

Another way to get in touch with them, is through their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+

Why NOT ParkSleepFly?
However, even ParkSleepFly have an amazing leader to keep them on track. The ParkSleepFly reviews of customers haven’t been showing any coordination to said company’s continuous success lately. Most of the consumers are surprised that they are overcharged, especially with the fact that ParkSleepFly are showing prices, which are not similar when at payment process and others are disappointed with their experiences of the services of ParkSleepFly.

ParkSleepFly Reviews-complaintsHere’s one review when she said “I reserved a room with ParkSleepFly. I received an email confirmation that everything was in order. On my way to the airport I called the hotel to let them know we would be late in checking in, at that time the hotel told me they did not have a room for me and that my reservation had never been confirmed.

I ended up spending the night in the airport garage in my car with my husband and two little kids. ParkSleepFly also charges almost $30 for their service which is incredibly high priced considering other sites fees. I will never use ParkSleepFly again and I would never recommend anyone else use it either.”
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Contact information

  • Website URL:        
  • Contact number:             (866) 727-5464
  • Contact Email:      
  • Head Office Address:      1640 5th Street, Suite 202, Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • Postal Address:               (PO Box 745) 1353 South St., Suffield, CT 06078

Overall Thoughts
According to several ParkSleepFly reviews​, the travel site is pretty much making a good impression, but alongside with that are the negative reviews. It is hard to distinguish which are legit and which are just made up ParkSleepFly reviews. However, some customers are in chorus when they mentioned hidden fees and overcharges. I wonder if ParkSleepFly had already looked upon this matter. Because this has gravely affected their credibility.

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  1. I booked the ticket via this site as I was running short of time as well as money. A total harassment. Now I am waiting their refund. I do not know when it will arrive.

    • If a refund takes forever and representative are rude as well. Then, it strongly leads to NO REFUND at all. Honey, it’s better not to expect anything from a company who offers nothing.

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