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Basically, Otel is an online hotel agency founded in 2004 as a product of MetGlobal, international technology powerhouse that aims to provide travelers easiness in traveling necessities using extensive online tools. Now, Otel has over 200 employees. However what bothers me is there is not much information found about the origin and ownership of Otel, not even with MetGlobal. How are they being directed? Plus the fact the name Otel looks like an unprofessional way of saying hotel without the letter H.

The interface looks easy to navigate and using the background of a famous Turkish attraction makes the page more enticing. Travelers can find and compare hotels from 250,000 hotels in 20,000 cities worldwide. In case of language barrier, the language selector is located on the top right of the page interchangeable from English to 55 other languages.
As evidently shown, Otel also caters car rental services which is shown on the later part of the page and they even extended their services on mobile phones available for iOS and Android users. Otel doesn’t just let customers search and compare prices but also inspire them to more tourist attractions worldwide with their Tours & Activities section and Popular Hotel Destinations.

I am not actually surprised to see several Otel Reviews complain and rant about their false services. Otel keeps receiving different accusations from their own customers. They were even considered as a fraudulent company who doesn’t process refund and the worst solution for their problem means more hassle to most customers. Most of the consumers even said that they’ll never use Otel again.
One of the reviewer said he booked a room in Budapest and payed with credit card, immediately after payment he received an email saying that his booking was not confirmed. He was asked to wait for 7-14 days to get his money back. He checked his bank statement as charged but the email was different.

He asked their online support why that happened, they just disconnected him to chat without an answer. He fully understood that some reservations might not be possible to confirm but he was concerned: if it doesn’t get booked, why charge him still? He feels like giving away his savings to someone unworthy.

He ended the review by saying “I find this process quite wrong and even the bad service from their support team I will not use them again”
logoContact information

  • Website URL:                  www.otel.com
  • Contact number:            +90 212 315 1491
  • Contact Email:                dxbsales@guestotel.com
  • Fax Number:                  +164 687 86 250
  • Head Office Address:      Cumhuriyet Cd. No: 173, 34373, Turkey

confusedAdvice to Revise
After scanning through variety of ​Otel Reviews, I believed that this online travel site is not reliable based on some Otel reviews of their own customers saying the services, policies and processes are not acceptable. Who would like to get charged and never get the booking? I bet no one would just love throwing away their money. Otel should resolve this minor cases first and at least get a leader to run to be more organized.

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  1. Please never book with Otel, Never.
    If you’ll call for booking they will receive your call less than a minute, after that if you have any additional question you’ll be asked to call again. That second call will take 30 minutes.

  2. Hi Mickey! Their customer service is really unreliable as I read other Otel reviews, the hotel site is one of the non-recommended site to use. I hope I wrote this review before you tried their services. I am sorry to hear about your disappointment. Please gladly keep in touch if Otel will try atleast to call you back.

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