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 Our 2015 Orbitz Review

As an offspring of the merger of many large airlines, this Company has been around since 2001; the two major milestones in its journey occurred in 2007 and 2015. In the 2007, the company gave its IPO and in 2015, Expedia publicly declared that it would purchase Orbitz. This massive purchase by Expedia is enough to create a critical review of the reputation of the Company. With a rating of 9.5 out of 10 according to the reviews submitted by the customers online, the Company is fast becoming the pride of its nation. This is why we are doing a review of Orbitz in 2015.

The Booking Issues

Flight booking has never been a simple and smooth process. What time suits you best? Is a flight available within that time? Is the plane comfortable? Orbitz brings a solution to all these worries through a single website. Orbitz.com provides details about all of its flight destinations, giving the customers a variety of airlines to choose from. The incentive of earning points with each flight booked has been considered one of its greatest pro’s. What do these points do? They knock down the prices on your future tickets. These points are termed as Orbucks.

The company also offers fast and rapid booking. Looking at the interface of their website, it’s easy to see the website is designed with the customer in mind. Last minute bookings are allowed and easy enough with everything displayed on a single page. You scroll down, take a look at the flight destinations list and then scroll back up to fill the form. The efficiency and swiftness shows that the Company is concerned about its customers getting things done in a timely fashion.

There is an added bonus of saved searches on the website. Create a history of search on this website to allow you to quickly revisit your old searches and view updated pricing.

Expanded Horizons

Orbitz offers an array of deals and discounts on its flights. Because these deals are worth checking out, a mobile application now exists and is available on all OS’s. The last minute booking also holds a certain discount according to the destination selected.

Nutshell Analysis

For the most part, Orbitz has been found to be a reliable and trustworthy, its efficiency and reputation speaks for itself. According to the reviews that have been submitted online, the company gets a five star rating, an astounding 9.5 out of 10, and a huge appraisal of the many offers and discounts that it provides. Introducing Orbucks has been called fun and convenient at the same time. Limited information is available on the facilitation of flight cancellations, but apart from this the company has proved its worth. Working hard since 2001, the company is now able to offer deals of a lifetime, like tickets to Disney and so forth without hefty costs.

So without further ado, we proclaim Orbitz to be a trustworthy and well priced way to buy flights online!

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