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OpenAirplane Reviews-pilotOf course, lately we kept talking about different online travel agencies, travel blog sites, car rental sites, bus booking sites and even miles keeper travel sites. What’s different about our review today? We are simply going to talk about OpenAirplane. Have you got an idea what does this aviation company offer? Well, they are unique because they’re making a pilot certificate more useful. Why. Let us educate you.

The privately held America-based aviation site was founded by Rod Rakic and Adam Fast in 2012. OpenAirplane was established with the aim of making renting a plane as easy as renting a car. OpenAirplane renting site for pilots and operators commenced operations in June 2013 and initially started with 6 US locations.

What is OpenAirplane?

Pilots in the United States usually need a flight review (also called a “checkout”) with a certified flight instructor at each aircraft rental company or fixed-base operator (FBO) that they wish to rent from, regardless of recent flight experience. This checkout can take several hours and the pilot must pay for both the rental of the airplane as well as the wage of the flight instructor.
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OpenAirplane requires member pilots to complete a standardized checkout procedure called a “Universal Pilot Checkout (UPC)” in a particular make and model of aircraft at an OpenAirplane member FBO. OpenAirplane Reviews-mobile appOnce successfully completed, the UPC allows a pilot to fly the same make/model aircraft at any other FBO member without additional check rides or experience reviews. The checkout procedure is based on the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) procedure and pilots holding the relevant CAP approval do not need to carry out a further checkout

OpenAirplane lets pilots search, book and fly their aircraft while operators get better utilization of their fleets, and help pilots fly more. All of these services are available on their mobile app as well.

OpenAirplane Reviews of Passengers

There are no OpenAirplane reviews found online, not even a forum on TripAdvisor. Though the known-as-Airbnb for pilots had been receiving several comments on their social media account, one viewer even said “Great program! Any chance you guys will expand to Canada?” and the most recent comment posted was dated on March 28, 2016: “Hey Scott & Rod! Thanks for dinner tonight! FL Aviation Center is thrilled to be an operator in the OpenAirplane network. Keep up the good work – you guys rock!”.

You can also check these 11 OpenAirplane reviews posted on their aircraft description page:
OpenAirplane Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?
OpenAirplane doesn’t have live chat support, contact email or number. The best way to reach them is by connecting or getting in touch with their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram) whose links are found on the bottom part of their main page. The America-based airplane renting site is headquartered at 801 S. Wells Suite 707 Chicago, Illinois 60607 United States.


I am quite surprised that people really had thought of making this kind of service for pilots and operators. This might not look like a good use for travellers, but remember that without a pilot or an operator travelling from a destination to another place, it is not possible.

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