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When you first hear of Chicago, of course, it’s not all about The Bulls of NBA. It’s also the famous place for pizza, hot dogs and Italian beef! This state in the US is rich in gastronomy. Of course, who wouldn’t want to take a picture below The Bean at the Millennium Park. The food-centric state is one of the millions of reasons why you need to visit the United States of America. In this review, let’s talk about the biggest airport in Chicago, O’Hare International Airport.

O’Hare International Airport Reviews of Travellers
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It’s not actually nice to start a review about O’Hare International Airport with a negative outlook. However, based on 205 O’Hare International Airport reviews on Skytrax. ORD had garnered a rating score of 3/10 which is obviously very low from at least an average score. As I read some of the O’Hare International Airport reviews, it pretty much tells about the customer’s frustration over the neatness and rudeness of the airport staff. The most recent review was posted on the 5th of January 2016 saying that the ORD needs to be better. One reviewer even said:
“ The entirety of the airport is outdated, dirty, the employees all have an attitude as though they are owed something, and you’re treated like a criminal until you have proven that you’re not.”

There are several restrooms all over O’Hare International Airport, to be specific, a total of eight family restrooms per terminal which are usually located in the north side of baggage area and two on the south side, two near the food courts and the remaining two don’t have similar arrangements like the rest.
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If you need help with ORD’s what about and whereabout, then the information desks are at your service. However, there’s only one designated help desk per terminal which are located near Gate C18 for Terminal 1, near Gate F1D for Terminal 2, near Gate K2 for Terminal 3, upper level ticketing area and lower level arrival area for Terminal 5.

For food & beverage and shopping stores in each terminal:

  • Terminal 1 (Concourse B&C): 32 food and beverage establishments and 17 shopping stalls.
  • Terminal 2 (Concourse E&F): 15 food and beverage establishments and 10 shopping stalls.
  • Terminal 3 (Concourse G,H,K&L): 36 food and beverage establishments and 21 shopping stalls.
  • Terminal 5: 12 food and beverage establishments and 11 shopping stalls.

For reference: http://chicago.eater.com/2014/5/22/6219671/where-to-eat-at-ohare-international-airport-ord

As rich as the service information and airport’s facilities, the wireless fidelity is also available in all terminals but are offered both pre- and post security. They understand that we can’t always keep our batteries full, several power stations are scattered around the airport as well. For more information of the exact location and Wi-Fi tutorial, click here.

Getting To and From?
There are actually several ways to get to ORD via train, bus, taxi or car rentals. But in this review, we advise travellers that transits are the easiest way to get to Chicago airports; there’s no need to pay for parking or taxis with CTA. They provide ‘L’ (train) service directly to both O’Hare and Midway airports. Machines at the station issue new Ventra Cards or load fare or passes onto cards. By helping passengers to plan their route, the official site of ORD had helped travellers not to get lost with “Plan your route” service, see here.

O'Hare International Airport Reviews-trafficLocation – Traffic – Service
Being one of the busiest airports in the USA with a total of 9 runways, ORD is located near the major highways which is actually based 20 miles from Chicago (downtown) or 17 miles northwest of the Chicago Loop. O’Hare International Airport is the major hub for both United Airlines and American Airlines. O’Hare International Airport is usually catering 1,000 daily direct flights to 150 US cities and 119 daily direct flights to 52 international destinations.

Airport/Terminal Map
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O'Hare International Airport Reviews-Edward O’Hare
Edward O’Hare

Past: It started in 1930s when the city of Chicago looked for a second airport since the first airport was a success with continuous growth in the commercial aviation. However, there has been just a little progress initially for O’Hare International Airport due to World War II. The airport was successfully constructed in Orchard Place (1943), manufactured Douglas C-54 and was named “Orchard Field Airport”. But to honor the first US Navy flying ace in WWII, Mr. Edward Henry “Butch” O’Hare, the airport’s name was rebranded to “O’Hare International Airport”

Present and Future: A $1.3 billion project for the 6th runway of O’Hare International Airport will be built as one of the final steps in realizing a fully modernized and efficient ORD. That even the Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel added “So today, we’re not only laying the groundwork for a 21st-century airport, but it will power a Chicago for the 21st-century economy.” and added that this investment will be something different, so that everybody from the Chicago participates in the growth.

Last year, ORD again received the award for “Best Airport in North America” and they received this honor for the 11th year from the Global Traveler. O’Hare International Airport also keeps being nominated for other prestigious awards from World Travel Awards such as “North America’s Leading Airport” and “World’s Leading Airport”

Contact Information:

  • Airport Code:                      ORD
  • Phone Number:                  +1 800-832-6352
  • Website URL:                      http://www.flychicago.com/ohare/en/home/Pages/default.aspx
  • Address:                             10000 W O’Hare Ave, Chicago, IL 60666, United States

Judging through several O’Hare International Airport reviews, the airport definitely deserves “YES”. It is sometimes fatal to seek for growth when you have a massive empire, but to O’Hare International Airport, they’re more than willing to take risks to expand and to provide more quality services. As they say “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.”




  1. Large airport. Slightly disorientating with the signs & masses of people.
    Wide open spaces with lots of shops & places to eat.
    The American Airlines lounge was very spacious like the airport. Did a review on them so won’t repeat it here.
    All in all, just another airport.

  2. I had my first travelling experience through O’Hare over the busy Christmas period. I have used Midway before and avoid O’Hare because of things people told me about it. I found O’Hare pleasant place – I landed at terminal 5 on American Airlines didn’t have to do immigration as it was done in Dublin. After collecting my bags clearing customs and rechecking was out in 20 mins and in terminal 3 for my flight to Toronto 5 mins later. Nice selection of shops bars and places to eat. Fast train service between terminals.

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