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If there’s a place you had to go. Add Norway’s “Fjords” to your list. I assure you if you have wanderlust friends out there it’s already on their list. Just so you know Skiing is one of the beloved pastimes of Norwegians. Skiing is a competitive winter sport that participants use to glide on the snow. I wonder how Norwegian Air Shuttle glides through the skies. Let’s take a glide

History of NAS
NAS traces its roots back to January 22, 1993 by Mr. Bjørn Kjos with Fokker F-50s. The purpose of the commencement of NAS was to took over the regional airlines at that time. It was a successful plan that NAS reigned even after the bankruptcy in 1966.

The current Chief Executive Officer of NAS is still Mr. Kjos, a 69 year old Norwegian aviator, lawyer and business magnate. He was recognized in November 2014 for Outstanding Contribution to Regional Workforce by Rockford Award.

Norwegian Air Shuttle Reviews - Bjorn Kjos
Bjorn Kjos

Did You Know?
Norwegian Air Shuttles have the newest and most modern fleets and Free Wi-Fi on board. Given its fleet size of 103 bought all from Aviator Airport Alliance.

Recently, Norwegian Air Shuttle was voted by SkyTrax World Airline Awards as Europe’s Best Low-Cost Carrier of the Year, they already won this award last year and in 2002. The airlines is running the 38th spot this year for The World’s Top 100 Airlines.


NAS’ Services
Norwegian Air Shuttle has only one single class of service on board which customer enjoy variety of Norwegian cuisines, bag of complete breakfast, salads, sandwiches and complimentary beverages.
Norwegian Air Shuttle Reviews - inflight

Video Entertainment is the airlines’ in-flight entertainment where customers in Boeing 737-800s aircraft enjoy a wide selection of movies and TV shows but the usage depends on the flight’s duration. Once the airlines reach 10,000 feet, customers with Wi-Fi enabled devices are allowed to connect to their on-board connection

Customers in need of special assistance such as passengers with special needs, children travelling alone, with pets and with oversized baggage are asked to be checked in at least an hour prior to the scheduled departure time.

SMS Ticket, is one of the top services Norwegian Air Shuttle provides, where customers use their smartphones as their ticket to show security at the checkpoint.

nMagazine, is their online Magazine which allows customers to know more about the destinations they desir to go. This service provides customers information by country, city and experience.

Norwegian Reward is the frequent flyer program of the airlines. Like other airlines’ program the pointing system is CashPoints which customers earn every time they fly with NAS. The CashPoint can be redeemed to free vacation packages, hotel bookings and car rentals. To see more about the program, click here.

The airlines has a newsletter service found in the official website. To sign up, customers are asked to type in their email and hit send to receive Norwegian Air Shuttle’s latest deals and offers straight to customer’s

The Website and Travel Assistant (Mobile) app
Initially, the website asks customers to select country and will direct you to the main page however if customers accidentally select the wrong language, the option to change the language on the main page is located at the top right as a drop-down list box.
Norwegian Air Shuttle Reviews - page

The main features of the official website of Norwegian Air Shuttle lets customers search and book flights, hotels, car rentals and check flight status. Wherein the later part of the page promotes the airlines latest packages and deals with pictures, prices and duration. The part of the page also provides the option to search and book cheap flights with the “low fare calendar”.
Norwegian Air Shuttle Reviews - page bottom

Norwegian Travel Assistant app, is the mobile app version of the airlines which gives customers the option to manage their trip, check-in online, baggage allowance information, check flight status and push notifications. The app is available in iOS and Android
Norwegian Air Shuttle Reviews - mobile app

NAS’ Customers
Let us see some of the recent Norwegian Air Shuttle reviews by
One customer recently said “I read Norwegian Air Shuttle reviews about premium economy and have to laugh at some criticisms. This is a close to real business class as you will get for 50% less money. The seats go back, way back. As much as 90% of any business class seat there. They can make an improvement in the fold out leg extender as it doesn’t go out far enough to improve comfort. The new Boeing 787 is awesome. For the money you just can’t beat the experience.” she gave the airline a 10/10 score.

Contact information

  • Website URL:           
  • Contact number:                +47 21 49 00 15
  • Contact Email:         
  • Fax Number:                      +47 67 59 30 01
  • Head Office Address:         Oksenoyveien 10A, PO Box 115, 1330 Fornebu, Norway

Looking into several Norwegian Air Shuttle reviews, the airlines is really making a good impression in terms of aviation services and business. The airline started way back 22 years ago but still manages to provide consistent customer service. What the airline had encountered will be considered similar to Nordic Skiing where it’s a mixture of cross and jumping through snow obstacles but in the end will meet their most awaited goal.



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  1. I flew with Norwegian Air Shuttle before and I was pleased with their at-home customer service. However my only concern is not enough leg room, it’s kind of uncomfortable for me. I don’t know with others though.

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