“Traveling on an Airplane is one of the best experience in life,” this is a common assumption by first time flyers, after a while they notice tiny details that make them reflect on how they really feel about flying.

This Niki Airlines review provides information regarding their travel service for travelers’ future references.

Origins and Ownership

Niki or flyNiki was founded on November 28th, 2003, by Niki Lauda, hence the name of the airline. Niki is an low-cost airline and a subsidiary of Air Berlin, the management team is made up of two individuals, Christina Hackl and Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Suritisch.

Christina Hackl and Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Suritisch (NIKI Airlines Review)
Christina Hackl and Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Suritisch

Online Niki Airline Review

SkyTrax gave Niki a 3 out of 5 star rating and online customer reviews on Airlinequality.com gave a 8 out of 10 star rating for their Airline services. One of the most common comments is about their tasty complimentary sandwiches and soda. One passenger was amazed on how clean the airplane he flew in was.

Airlinequality's NIKI Airlines review
Airlinequality’s online review for NIKI

One major complaint is about the uncomfortable and cramped seats, passengers said they had a hard time moving along the airliner without bumping into other passengers. The gap between seats is  very small and the legroom wasn’t wide enough, especially for tall people.

However, most of the reviews informs readers that the ground and cabin crew were attentive and polite with efficient service.

The tendency of delayed flights is also an issue for Niki, some customers waited for hours before their departure and Niki seems to have a problem with their speed of checking in and distributing luggage.

The Website

NIKI's homepage
NIKI’s homepage

Their website aims to provide cheap flights for travelers with various packages. Their website is pretty standard for airlines, everything can be done on the homepage. Book flights, check flight status, manage bookings, avail for extra services, seat selection monitor flight schedules. The design is a little plain, but the photos used for deals are very well picked. They don’t include deal prices in the homepage, instead they invite customers to click on each page. All of the text in the website can be translated to different languages for expanding their target audience.

Customer Service

Niki’s customer service is under the operation of Air Berlin since they are the parent company. Their phone line is open 24/7 for concerns and enquiries, their representatives are divided by the phone support language they provide. They also provide email support by allowing customers to fill-up a form with their name, telephone number, email address and concern.

They present their top ten most asked questions on their FAQs page.


Niki only has two available classes, the Business class and the Economy class.

Business Class

NIKI Airlines Business class seats Review
NIKI Airlines Business Class

Niki just recently introduced their business class with seat cabins for each passenger for comfort. Multimedia entertainment can be enjoyed by all passengers with a wide selection of movies, music, audio books and video games. Printed entertainment is also distributed by handing out magazines and newspapers. Before boarding their flight, passengers can make reservation for exquisite gourmet meals, a little reminder, reservation should be done at least two days before your flight. Business class includes a onboard bar for soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.  

Economy Class

Passengers can rest with ease on XL ergonomically-shaped leather seats with 10cm extra legroom and improved seat comfort. Attendants provide a “buy on board” menu which includes tasty snacks and beverages. In flight entertainment features radio channels, tv series and newspapers. Just like in business class, economy passengers can order gourmet meals two days before their flight.


Checked in baggage must not exceed 23 kg and people can only carry a total of 8 kg carry on baggage.

Chauffeur Service

To feel relaxed before your flight, Niki provides a Chauffeur service for easy transportation from your home to airline.


People travelling with an infant can avail for an extra seat, free of charge. Unaccompanied minors are given extra priority by the attendants to make them feel safe.


Their main hub is the Vienna International Airport in Schwechat, Austria. Niki has a fleet size of 22 airliners including the Airbus 319, Airbus 320 and Airbus 321. Since Air Berlin is a member of Oneworld Alliance, that makes Niki a member as well. In 2005, World Travel Awards nominated Niki for the World’s Leading New Airline, but ended up giving the award to Etihad.

Here is Niki’s contact information.


In 2014, Niki was the 103th place on the SkyTrax ranking, then in 2015, Niki claimed the 93rd spot. Will Niki continue to climb ranks? Can you add some more information that wasn’t included in this Niki Airlines review?

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