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On March 29, 1963, privately-owned Italian airline Meridiana was established by Aga Khan Prince Karīm al-Hussaynī to promote the tourism of Sardinia, with operations commencing in 1964.

Meridiana Reviews brand logo“Questo si chiama volare” is Meridiana’s company slogan, and the airline was first known as Alisarda and as Meridiana fly. The airline adopted the name “Meridiana” on May 3, 1991, a couple of years after 35% of its new stock was released to new shareholders.

Later in 1991, Meridiana started international operations to Barcelona, Paris, London, and Frankfurt; the airline merged with Meridiana fly and acquired Air Italy and, as of the most recent Meridiana reviews, has a fleet size of 21 aircraft.

More Information

Meridiana has its headquarters located in Olbia, Italy and its main base located at Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport. The airline’s other operating bases are the following: Milan-Malpensa Airport, Milan-Linate Airport, Naples International Airport, Rome-Fiumicino Airport, and Verona Villafranca Airport.

Meridiana Reviews CEO
Meridiana CEO Richard Creagh

Meridiana Club is its frequent flyer program, and this is shown at the upper right hand of their official homepage. Mr. Richard Creagh had been serving as Meridiana’s CEO since November 2014. Meanwhile, check out the list of airlines that Meridiana has codeshare agreements with in this link.

What Users Have to Say

Based from 100 Meridiana reviews, the Italian airline had garnered a rating of 5/10 through a mix of positive and negative Meridiana reviews. The most recent of the Meridiana reviews was praising the airline’s “good” onboard service: “Our flights were generally on time and the ground people were organized and efficient,” he said.

Meridiana Reviews foodMany other Meridiana reviews write that overall, their flight experience with Meridiana was positive, and that their flights were punctual, had great dining, and attentive flight attendants while another of the Meridiana reviews says, “The service was very good, the staff spoke English and were professional and mostly nice. The food was average. The seats were of average comfort, legroom and cleanliness. Blankets and pillows were provided free of charge. The flight was uneventful… If you don’t care about bells and whistles, like entertainment system, I’d recommend using this airline to fly into and/or out of Italy.”

Their Website

Their official website is in a red and white colour scheme and has a very organised and easily understandable and navigable format and layout.

Meridiana Reviews cabin interiorEconomy Class and Electa are Meridiana’s cabin classes. All of Meridiana’s domestic flights and medium long-haul international flights will only feature Economy Class while medium-haul international flights to European destinations and long-haul flights feature Economy and Electa, their Business Class.

Learn about Meridiana’s inflight or onboard services, here in this link.

Contact Details:

  • Meridiana Reviews airplaneWebsite URL:
  • Contact number: +39 0789 52 650
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax: +39 0789 52 861
  • Head Office Address: Centro Direzionale, Costa Smeralda Airport, 07026 Olbia, Italy


Meridiana Reviews brand iconBased on reading several Meridiana reviews, I think that Meridiana is one of the best Italian airlines you can fly with as they’d managed to excel in basic and important airline services, something which their competitors are barely managing. This fact makes them among the most viable choices whenever and wherever you want a flight within the region that offers the best kinds of onboard treatment.

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