Online Travel Agencies and newspaper publications have similarities. In order to stay in business they have to distribute credible information. People have the power to destroy an online travel agency’s reputation.

Let’s see if MakeMyTrip is included with the reliable agencies or is one of the tricksters in the industry.

Deep Kalra founded Makemytrip in 2000 and is also the current CEO, looks like he really love his job. Makemytrip is India’s leading online travel company, Kalra was also featured in Forbes India for his success in the industry.

Deep Kalra, founder and CEO of MakeMyTrip
Deep Kalra, founder and CEO of MakeMyTrip

What people are saying

Now, let’s see what recent Makemytrip customers have to say about the agency’s service. Upon reading some online customer reviews, Makemytrip might be experiencing an all time low.

Frustrated customers had many complaints regarding the agency’s multiple mistakes in processing of flights. According to some reviews, Makemytrip has no value for money at all. Customers request for cheap flights are being diverted to deals with higher fares by the aggressive service representatives. For example, if a customer wanted to book a cheap flight, customer service representatives would prolong the conversation and go out of their way to promote higher fares.

There were positive reviews on TripAdvisor, unfortunately those reviews were dated back in 2012. The most recent reviews are very bad.

The Website

Their website is nothing new, but the interface is user-friendly. Mostly everything is accessible from the home page. There is a check in button for travelers looking for flights, cheap deals are presented for travelers on budget. It’s possible to alter your flight through customer service, however, most complaints online are directed towards customer service. Travel arrangements can be easily managed, they also offer bus and train transportation. Reviews website

Customer Service

Their customer support is open 24/7 and a FAQs sections is accessible for commonly experienced issues. Makemytrip also offers email service for additional information. Here are the descriptions to Makemytrip’s customer service from customers, “unresponsive, dumb people, unprofessional and unethical.” Reviews


Their main slogan is “it’s all about travel…,” pretty good but the question is, were they able to fulfill their job as an online travel agency? Their head office is located in India Pvt. Ltd., Tower A, SP Infocity 243, Udyog Vihar, Phase 1 Gurgaon, Haryana – 122016, India.In 2012, Travel Distribution World Asia Awards named Makemytrip as the best travel innovator. Makemytrip was also the most visited travel website from 2005-2009 according to ComScore, it would be probably better if the award was most trusted travel website. In 2013, Makemytrip was a dominant market-leader with 47% market Reviews

Here is the contact information for Makemytrip

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:(0124 462 8747) or (0124 289 8747)
  • Contact Email: Domestic Flights –

                                   International Flights –

                                   Hotels and Holidays

  • Head Office Address: India Pvt. Ltd., Tower A, SP Infocity 243, Udyog Vihar, Phase 1 Gurgaon, Haryana – 122016, India


We hope these reviews were helpful, they unfortunately are not doing so well, Makemytrip really needs to be critical and careful in operating their business. Remember that the customer is always right, not the customer service agent. Makemytrip is India’s number one travel site, do you think they deserve that title?

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  1. Their cheap deals are not credible, AT ALL! I was going to fly to NY, I found a price that’s perfect for my budget. As soon as I booked the flight, the price changed, so I decided to call their phone support. It took me atleast 4 times to finally talk to someone, he then told me that “flight deals are subjected to change.” Are you serious? it took me only few minutes to find a flight and a minute to book, then suddenly it changed, is that on purpose? (Probably not) But atleast monitor each change so that customers, like me are aware. Thanks a lot makemytrip.

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