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The national airline of Poland was established on new year of 1929 by the government of Poland and they started operations the following day. Initially the fleet consisted of Junkers F.13 and Fokker F.VII. The airline suspended operations during World War II since all of their airlines were destroyed by then. But from then on, they never ceased operations, like mentioned earlier they just suspended.
LOT Polish Airlines Reviews-aircraftNow, LOT Polish Airlines has a total fleet size of 45 aircraft consisting of Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer. These fleet cater services to over 60 domestic and international routes while carrying the company slogan: “Ty wyznaczasz kierunek” which means “Fly your way”. Their current CEO is Mr. Marcin Celejewski. Yes, the airline is the 14th member of Star Alliance and is still a government-owned airline.

InFlight Services
​​LOT Polish Airlines has three kinds of services on board: Economy Simple, Premium Economy and Business Class. However, there were limited information regarding the inflight cabin classes and they are not even organized in one tab. So let me share what we collected. (Here’s also a little snapshot of how the Economy Simple looks while on board)

LOT Polish Airlines Reviews-onboardApart from their inflight entertainment system on board, the airline also has a magazine for customers to read on since 1979, it’s called the “Kaleidoscope”. The meals and drinks offered will depend on which cabin class a passenger will fly in. To have the full list of the meals by cabin class and categorized by long or short haul flights, click here.

Special meals and gourmet are also offered on board. To get more information about pre-flight information regarding baggage allowances, sports equipment and other carry-on or luggage concerns, please refer to the link below:

Official Website and Mobile app
LOT Polish Airlines Reviews-page
​​The official site is in Polish by default, but with the link below to access their page, we had already selected English-USD as the most general used language around the world. Moving forward, I personally love the overall design, organization and services of the page.  Poland’s national airline reminds me of Alaska Airlines. Yet, LOT Polish made sure they kept theirs original and unique. What makes it similar to other airline’s page, travelers can search and book for their preferred flight, check-in online and even check their flight status. Not to mention, car rental services and hotel reservations are also offered online.

LOT Polish Airlines Reviews-mobile appThe flag carrier had already extended their service to mobile applications. LOT Polish Airline now has a travel app for customers with smartphones. The mobile app is ready to be downloaded in the App Store and Google Play Store. The travel app of the airline is just the mobile version of its PC or online services. However, LOT Polish Airlines reviews about the travel app are mixed. Some find it basic and others find it user-friendly.

LOT Polish Airlines Reviews of Customers
Speaking of reviews, let me share the most recent LOT Polish Airlines reviews online. No worries, the national airline of Poland is not just about pretty face. Yes, comments and feedback show that the airline had garnered a total of 6/10 score rating (on Skytrax). Why only 6? Not 8 or 9? As we noticed, the only downside of the airline is their inflight entertainment. Since their entertainment system’s option were very limited, with only 30 movies. Though either than that, passengers find the airline one of the best in the world.
Contact Information

  • LOT Polish Airlines Reviews-logoWebsite URL:                     www.lot.com
  • Contact Number:               +48 22 577 99 52
  • Contact Email:                   lot_info@lot.pl
  • Fax Number:                     +48 22 606 75 16
  • Head Office Address:         ul. 17 Stycznia 43, 02-146 Warsaw, Poland

After writing a review regarding the flag carrier of Poland. I can say, this airline would be one of my favorite. I am pretty much looking forward to fly with them soon. Since the country itself where the airline was originated also one of the must-travel places in the world. A country with a nice tourism plus a customer-centric airline equals a total travel package.

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  1. GDN-WAW-MXP return E170/175. Clean airplanes sandwich and drinks on way to MXP juice and refeshment on domestic flight. Staff friendly. Due to fog in GDN we couldn’t land and had to fly back to Warsaw LOT organised a hotel food and transport and rebooked us for the nearest flight.

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