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Being the largest travel guide book publisher, Lonely Planet caught my attention. In this article, we will tackle and learn what are the functionality, origin, ownerships to success of Lonely Planet. Join me as we unfold another successful travel business story.

Lonely Planet Reviews-tony_and_maureen
Maureen and Tony Wheeler

Origin and Ownerships
Maureen and Tony Wheeler founded Lonely Planet in Melbourne, Australia (1972) wherein the name was inspired from the lyrics of the song “Space Captain” by Joe Cocker. The first book published was written by the married couple at home. This sold 1,500 copies and this was the commencement of Lonely Planet’s era. Fast forward, it became the world’s most successful travel publisher for over 40 years printing 120 million books in 11 variety of languages. In 2007, BBC Worldwide acquired Lonely Planet and in 2013, NC2 Media took ownership of Lonely Planet from BBC.

Today, Lonely Planet has expanded offices in United Kingdom, United States, India and China with over 400 employees and 200 authors and even extended their services online by inspiring travelers to search and compare for airfares, hotel reservations and car rentals. Here’s how the main page of Lonely Planet looks like:

As we see, the PC version of their services is user friendly. Each service is categorized by thumbnails such as Travel guides, Adventure tours, Beaches, Family travel, Travel news, LP Magazine, Blog, Travel insurance, Hotels, Food and drink, Apps, Inspiration, eBooks, Sightseeing tours, Flights, Car rentals and many other topics. As shown, Lonely Planet is generous with its topics and open suggestions to other places a traveler might want to know and visit.

Yes, like other online travel agency. Lonely Planet also gives you the option to search and compare flights, hotel reservations and car rentals but the booking will direct you to the respective online travel site that offered the rate.

Lonely Planet Reviews-Daniel Houghton
Daniel Houghton

Young Leader
The current CEO of Lonely Planet, Mr. Daniel Houghton, joined the company in February 2009. The 26 year old, young billionaire shelled out a reported $80 million and prior from being the CEO of Lonely Planet, he used to be a wedding photographer prior to his current position. He shared his early beginnings with Lonely Planet, he said: “When we bought Lonely Planet, I wasn’t thinking much about what I was going to be doing, I was just happy to be part of it.” However in time this changed he felt like 65 year old now. He even shared: “You can imagine what it’s like with a 26-year-old taking the reins, I decided early on I couldn’t worry about things I couldn’t control. I can’t control my birthdate. I can’t control my background. I have to be me.”

Contact information

  • Website URL:                     www.lonelyplanet.com
  • Contact number:               (61) 3 8379 8000
  • Contact Email:                  community@lonelyplannet.com.au
  • Fax Number:                     (61) 3 8379 8111
  • Head Office Address:        90 Maribyrnong Street, Footscray, Victoria 3011, Australia 

Lonely Planet Reviews-LOGOFinal Thoughts
Evidently, Lonely Planet was one of the brilliant ideas in the 1970s which till now works fine and keeps growing. The trusted site that consumers use for their travelling needs kept being reliable and aims to improve their services in time. As the adage says it takes a young mind to take a look for more possibilities and learnings.



  1. I have nothing against lonely planet, they had been great in providing guide about several top destinations. They had been my travel buddy since day 1. Thanks for writing an awesome review about them

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