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Logan, is one of the essential characters of X-Men. The character is well played by Hugh Jackman. Logan or known as Wolverine, is an immortal mutant with regenerative or fast healing power and animal-keen senses. The name Logan is used in the air services of Logan Construction Company. Let us see if Loganair is also as keen and powerful as the character Logan.

Origins and Ownership
Loganair, also known as Scotland’s Airlines, was established on the 1st of February 1962 as the pioneer air taxi in Scotland by Logan Construction Company Ltd. In 1968 to 1983, Loganair was fully owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland.
However in October 2008, Loganair became the franchise airline of Flybe since 2008 and now, the British airline’s main base is at Glasgow International Airport with a fleet size of 13 serving 31 destinations internationally with the current CEO, Stewart Adams. Shortly, after his appointment he said that  “Loganair is a fantastic company. I know all about it and its markets from my time. This is an exciting and challenging time for the business. Loganair has a strong heritage and a loyal customer base and I hope to build on this.”

servicesLoganair Services
Loganair might not be one of the competitive airlines but they provide extensive services. They let customers the right to compensate for cancelled flights, complain if baggage are damaged, exception in refunds and will make every effort to ensure customers’ pleasant and enjoyable flight. Loganair serve passengers with complimentary snacks and beverages. Each flight was being accommodated by one professional flight attendant.

The Website
The interface of Loganair is simple and modern. It shows promptly they are partners with Flybe in providing air services. Loganair’s site is not similar to other airlines websites for this doesn’t let customers to book flights but only lets travelers view flight status, search for airfares, inspire destinations, airline’s policies and information. If customers are decided to book a reservation, they are advised to go directly to Flybe. Loganair doesn’t have a travel app for their mobile services.

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What people are saying
There’s not much Loganair reviews to be found. The most recent review found is on the 20th July 2015 when the passenger gave the airlines a rating of 10/10. He said “Great service from a great little airline operating on behalf of Flybe. The Dornier 328 is a comfortable aircraft, albeit a little small. The sole cabin crew member was polite, professional, very friendly and chatty. Complimentary snacks and drinks were served and the flights were on time departure and arrived early. In fact, the outbound flight only took 31 minutes, a record according to the crew.”
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Contact information

  • Website URL:                            www.loganair.co.uk
  • Contact number:                       +44 141 848 75 94
  • Contact Email:                          customerrelations@loganair.co.uk
  • Fax Number:                             +44 141 887 60 20
  • Head Office Address:                St. Andrews Drive, Glasgow Airport, Paisley, Renfrewshire, PA3 2TG,
    United Kingdom

After reading several Loganair reviews, the Scottish regional airline is evidently reliable in terms of air services. Customers are really happy with the fair flights Loganair offers. Although the airline can’t be considered as massive as the identity of Wolverine, however Loganair is good at providing a standard and well maintained kind of service.

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  1. Loganair must have more technical problems than all the other airlines put together, or possibly this is just me guessing – but possibly if the flight is half empty they just use that as an excuse. Figure for yourself. Yes they are cheap, but I would much prefer to pay more and have a service I can rely on, which is not what Loganair currently provide.

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