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​Lessno is a product of Asian Airfares, which is a networking site for 100 travel websites worldwide (similar to Orbitz Worldwide). This online travel meta search engine was founded by Tihomir Trifonov and Valentin Oreshkov in 2013 and now has over 50 employees.
Lessno searches for the airfare and hotel reservations from 500 airlines including low-cost ones, online travel agencies and some airfare consolidator. However they don’t process the booking because they are established to help travelers to search their best option for airfares and their aim is to give the most efficient information.

Basically Lessno stands for Less Money, No Hassle but this doesn’t seem the case as I browse through their page. I was really troubled with how Lessno’s interface looks like, to be honest, seems to me more like a mobile application than a website.

The features of the website include cruise and car rentals which was never stated on their company description, I wonder where the word “efficient” as their aim goes here. I tried using Lessno but I got frustrated that the option to select departure and arrival date are not working that I have to refresh the page several times to make it work.
Lessno Reviews - pageThe search result of Less no has a simple, clean and understandable format which includes tax so customers will easily see the total cost. Once customers want the deal, they just have to click on “Select Link” and this will direct them to the supplier.

However, when I scrolled further down I notice it states “©2015 lessno.com powered by Corporate Traveler”, I got curious and click the link for “Corporate Traveler and it led me to another page, CompareFlights.com which looks like another online travel agency with the same functions of search and compare flights, hotel reservations and car rentals.

According to some consumer of Lessno, they are really disappointed with the services of the online travel agency. Seeing lot of complaints evidently means Lessno really made a bad impression to travelers and potential customers. Let me show you some Lessno reviews that will make you think twice in using them:
And, another reviewer said that it appears Lessno is a new company, he checked with better business bureau (BBB) and Lessno is not known to BBB. He was even confused with the website slogan “Wholesale prices to the retail consumer” and he was asking for an explanation how an untrusted site can provide cheaper fares than the airline’s offer? He sounds doubtful and left with a lot of questions and Lessno never gets back to him.
Contact information

  • Website URL:                 www.lessno.com
  • Contact number:           877-537-7668
  • Head Office Address:    44-02 23rd Street, Suite 14 Long Island City, NY 11101, United States

NODo NOT Trust Lessno
My final thoughts about Lessno after reading other Lessno Reviews: this online travel meta search engine is not reliable for it just keep searching for “cheapest airfares” but is never proven to be legit. It’s like washing hands of possible mess. To be honest, I didn’t stumble upon a customer appreciation on those Lessno Reviews. Did you ever by chance try using Lessno? Feel free to leave a comment below.



  1. Fraud is the only term I can use here to describe these jokers. Booked hotel and in an instant the cash was transferred. Only to get a message 3 hours later, that the hotel room is not available.
    Had to wait 8 hours to get an alternate, and had to spend good amount of my money calling these nincompoops every time.

  2. I bought 2 international flight ticket from Lessno, and thought that we got a flight schedule that work for me and a good price. But it turn out that this web site just increased the price and changed our flight schedule that require me to go to another airport to connect another flight. Very unethical business practice

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